Demoted to Diapers

Demoted to Diapers

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"At least you can't be demoted from this job."

Aunt Rosemary said to Joe. She had deeply regretted her decision
to allow her nephew to live with her. She had promised that to her
elder brother who had moved into a retirement home.

Joe was a college graduate. He was not stupid. However he was lazy
and disrespectful- especially of women. He had a dozen jobs in just
over a year. Sometimes he was sacked. Some times he was demoted.
That day Joe was starting to work as a junior clerk in a sales

Joe was about 5 foot 6. He was slightly built. Some people wondered
whether his poor standard of behavior was part of his way of making
people notice him, despite his size. He was 23 but looked 17.

Mrs Armstrong was nearly 6 foot tall. She looked taller with her
black hair in a tight bun. She wore a plain brown business like
dress. Mrs Armstrong had inherited a declining business from her
husband 10 years earlier. Now she ran a flourishing one.

Mrs Armstrong was not pleased with the new office junior. She had not been sure of employing a male. Joe's behavior tended to confirm her feelings. He was less efficient than his female predecessor. His time keeping was not very good.

One of the worst aspects of Joe was the bathroom. 5 people shared same facilities. When it had been 5 women there were no problems.

Having Joe there was different. Perhaps the thing that most annoyed Mrs Armstrong was simply the amount of time he spent. Part of the reason for his long frequent "potty breaks" was that he drunk a lot of coffee. But there were other things. One was that he quite often went to the bathroom to smoke. This was strictly forbidden.

Then there were the boy's personal habits. Mrs Armstrong had trained her own sons always to leave the seat down. This was not the case with Joe. Then sometimes Joe had left the seat down when he used the bathroom. The women in the office had to check each time. Furthermore there were also some pools on the floor.

Mrs Armstrong had known Joe's aunt. She had promised that she would keep him on for a month no matter what. (This information had not been given to Joe).

After the first week Mrs Armstrong was at her wit's end. On his second Monday Mrs Armstrong gave Joe a warning.

"From now on you are rationed to no more than one hour's potty breaks per week."

Joe did not take his boss seriously.

Fifteen minutes before 10 on the Wednesday morning Joe went to the bathroom. He had a smoke.

Twenty minutes after ten the effect of the three cups of coffee he had drunk took effect. Joe needed to go to the bathroom for its official use. He walked from the filing cabinet to the bathroom. It was locked.

Joe thought someone must be in there. Then he looked around. All of his colleagues were working.

"I think that bathroom door's jammed."

Mrs Armstrong stood up from her desk and walked to her latest and laziest colleague.

"No, the bathroom door is not jammed. It is locked."

"But there is nobody inside."

"The bathroom is locked from the outside. My responsible employees have a key. I did warn you that your potty breaks were rationed. You have used up your ration.

"Perhaps I could ask Ms Green for a potty?"

Joe was angry. Joe was frightened. Joe was very aware of the pressure on his bladder.

"Stop being silly. I need the bloody bathroom."

Mrs Armstrong did not raise her voice. However her tone changed slightly. There could be no question of any male defying this embodiment of maternal authority.

"So little Joe does not want the potty. I think the best solution would be for Joe to actually sample our products.

"Jane, could you call Ms Green. I'll get the baby ready."

The business Mrs Armstrong had inherited was making cloth diapers. Orders had declined because of disposables. Her late husband had not been able to do much about it. Mrs Armstrong had managed a modest revival in business. She had an effective marketing strategy. Partly she used the arguments about the environment. But there was another aspect of her sales pitch. She sold to mothers (and fathers) the idea of an old fashioned World from the 1950s.

But Mrs Armstrong was not afraid of progress. The manufacturing process was updated and what was required was the ability to make sophisticated machines worked. That required intelligence. Naturally most of the employees were female.

Some of her employees had young children. There was a creche. It was run by Ms Green. Naturally enough the babies in the creche wore the cloth diapers which the plant manufactured.

Mrs Armstrong unbuckled Joe's pants. She pulled them down. She pulled down his shorts. She lay him on the floor. Jenny had a small baby. She gave her boss powder and cream to apply to Joe's delicate area.

Joe could not help but look up. He saw five females looking at his shameful exposed state. He could hear their giggles. He felt
helpless but could not resist.

Ms Green arrived. She brought a dozen cloth diapers and an enormous pair of plastic panties. Mrs Armstrong lifted Joe's legs and slipped two diapers under him. Then she lifted the diapers to smother the pathetic male's "tinkle thing", as she referred to it. Then the maternal boss firmly fastened the safety pins. Then she pinned two more diapers around the boy's rump.

"Big babies make a lot of wee wee."

She explained as she slipped the plastic panties over Joe's ankles. She was very careful to make sure that the waterproof panties covered the didies.

Joe was small enough to be able to wear actual babies' diapers. However Mrs Armstrong made sure there were enough layers.

Mrs Armstrong had some more nasty surprises for Joe.

"You can perfectly well keep records without chattering. Other people will be able to work better. Open your mouth Joe..."

Mrs Armstrong inserted a large pacifier into Joe's mouth. She tied it in place with a pink ribbon.

The next stage was rather comic. Joe tried to put his pants back on. However there was no way he could pull them up over the diapers. He was close to tears with his efforts.

Mrs Armstrong had a solution to the problem. Joe was a near neighbor. She remembered the way that Joe had cruelly teased her 12 year old daughter Daisy. Daisy had always been naturally quite cuddly. Joe's comments had been quite cruel. It happened to be during the school vacation.

Mrs Armstrong phoned her daughter. For a while Joe did his filing with no pants, just diapers and plastic panties. He actually did his work rather better without the opportunity to get up and chat and interrupt his colleagues.

On the other hand during this time everyone could see the young man fidgeting. It was obvious that he would soon actually need his diapers. It was equally clear that he was doing his best to avoid this embarrassment.

Daisy arrived at her mother's office. She had a present for Joe. She brought one of her old dresses. Mrs Armstrong had made her daughter's dresses. She did this for two reasons. Firstly she needed make sure of the right fit. Secondly she did not want Daisy "growing up too fast". This was important because Daisy was not only large but also tall.

Joe did not resist when his boss "dressed" him. He did, however, start to cry. This caused Daisy to giggle. She was joined by the other women.

Mrs Armstrong had calculated correctly. The dress which fitted her daughter at aged 10 was ample enough for Joe to wear. It covered his ass despite all those layers of diapers. On the other hand it was obvious that the young man was wearing "special undies".

About twenty minutes later it happened. Joe again started crying. He undid the ribbon, took out the pacifier, and said...

"I've wet my diapers."

He probably expected to be changed at that moment. He was in for a surprise.

"At lunchtime Joe can go to Ms Green. She is very used to dealing with babies' wet diapers. And I did not give you permission to take the pacifier out."

The pacifier was put back in the baby's mouth. Joe had to carry on with filing and entering data with drenched diapers.

Lunchtime arrived. It was time for Joe's diapers to be changed. Mrs Armstrong held his hand and led him to the creche. He had to walk for about 50 yards through different parts of the plant. All the ladies working there had heard of what had happened.

Joe faced stares, teasing and taunting from a large number of women as he went to the other end of the plant.

Ms Green was already changing another baby's diapers when Joe arrived. She heard her kindly teasing comments about "little Miss Waterworks."

By the time it was Joe's turn to have his change about 20 women had come to the creche. It was worth taking 15 minutes from their lunch hours to have this entertainment.

Joe cried like a real baby throughout his first diaper change. He submitted to Ms Green's shaming treatment and teasing. "Big Miss Waterworks" had no choice but to let it happen.

Joe's nasty surprises were not over. Usually he had coffee and sandwiches for lunch. When he arrived back at his end of the plant he found that with his sandwiches was a baby bottle. He was not sure what kind of milk it contained. Mrs Armstrong explained.

"We need to teach Joe not to use naughty words. I have decided that instead of coffee Joe can have soapy water."

Joe ate his sandwiches. Daisy fed him the soapy water. Then she put the pacifier back in the boy's mouth.

Joe had two remaining hopes. Firstly he hoped that this treatment was a one off. He would only spend one day in diapers. He also did not want Mrs Armstrong to tell his aunt about his punishment.

Joe was to be disappointed. His Aunt Rosemary wanted him to do some shopping. She was passing his work-place. She came into the office. She saw her nephew in a dress. She laughed.

Mrs Armstrong felt forced to explain:

"Joe's wearing a dress because his pants do not cover his diapers...."

This was a surprise for his Aunt. Although when she looked at him she could see the bulge round the diaper area.

"....I have had to put him into diapers because he has taken too many potty breaks. I warned him that his potty breaks were rationed. He has used up his ration for this week. He did not want a potty. I do not want a mess on the floor..."

Joe saw Aunt Rosemary go and hug his boss.

"I wish I had thought of this."

Aunt Rosemary had one other idea. Mrs Armstrong had been asked to market a herbal diaper rash ointment. The treatment would need to be tested. This testing would best be done on a person with diaper rash. No responsible parent would deliberately allow her baby to develop this distressing condition.

On the other hand Joe's behavior at home and at work for the previous year had been dreadful. He really did deserve to be punished. Diaper rash would be a very appropriate punishment.

Therefore Joe was kept in diapers for a month. Not only that but he was left in wet, or messy, diapers for prolonged periods.

There was another shame. Quite often Daisy was given the job of baby sitting the big baby. He had to submit to a young woman's authority.

Luckily for Joe the herbal diaper rash ointment did work quite quickly.

The result of this diaper discipline was that Joe became very submissive to Maternal styles of authority. After he stopped having to wear diapers he was still forbidden use of the bathroom. He had to go to the other end of the plant and ask Ms Green to put him on a child's potty.