A Woman Unspermed 5

A Woman Unspermed 5


August 6th, 2004, 12:40 am #1

A Woman Unspermed 5

Around mid-morning, while Jen was making a cup of coffee and Peter was reading the comic section of the newspaper, he slowly became aware of the rising, sensual feeling that heralded an orgasm. He wondered only momentarily why this should be happening while he was just reading a newspaper, and then decided to go along with the feeling regardless. He looked at Jen, who glanced back and smiled, although she wondered why he was looking at her breasts with such a strange expression.

Peter relaxed in the warm glow radiating through his body from deep in his tummy. It was just like the feeling he had yesterday, and this morning.

Peter quietly put his thumb to his lower lip, then slipped it into his mouth. He sucked gently on it while increasing waves of anticipation tingled through his lower body. He worried for a moment that he might wet a little as well, then all thoughts of what might happen were subsumed by the hot feeling radiating from his groin. He abandoned himself completely to the wonderful feeling, flexing the muscles of his buns to try to increase the pressure of the tight diaper on his private parts.

He moaned softly. Jen looked across to see Peter sitting over the paper, his eyes shut, intently sucking his thumb.

He came into his pants; a long, ecstatic orgasm that never seemed to end. Jen watched in surprise as Peter's mouth fell open and he gave several little grunts. Then he opened his eyes and looked at Jen.

'Are you ok, baby?' she asked.

Jen had been addressing Peter only as Petie or baby for the last week. Peter had got over his initial awkwardness about the new names, but would now happily answer to either.

Jen walked over to his chair.

'Did baby wet?' she asked kindly.

Peter looked down at his terry shorts. The bulge at the crotch seemed a little larger, and he was surprised to see that the light blue fabric looked dark and wet around the hems against his thighs. That was quite an orgasm, he thought.


Jen was now behind him, helping him out of the chair. They both looked at the big, dark stain on the padding of the chair. Jen turned Petie around and patted the soaked, bulging back of his shorts.

'I think you've had another little accident as well, baby,' Jen said. 'Definitely time for a change.'

Peter was about to protest that he had only got a little wet from coming, when he felt his diaper sag even in the stretch shorts. He had wet after all.

Peter nodded, and silently followed Jen to the bedroom. It was worth it for the orgasm, but it did make Peter feel a little uncomfortable, even slightly childish, to know that he had wet his pants while sitting, wide awake, in his own house and within a couple of steps of a bathroom.

Jen seemed to be taking it all in her stride, so Peter waited, lying on a towel on the bed while Jen fussed around in the bathroom.

Jen was quite pleased with the way the bathroom off their bedroom was becoming quite 'babified'. There was a container of baby wipes next to the basin, and on the shelf above were baby powder and Vaseline, and in the open shelf to one side was a large stack of disposable diapers, adult size. Jen picked up the baby wipes, Vaseline and baby talc, and was about to reach for a diaper, when she reconsidered. Taking the items she had into the bedroom, she put them next to Peter, and gave him a kiss. Then she reached under the bed and pulled out a large, flat cardboard box. Opening it, she took out some towelling squares and a folded pair of plastic pants.

Jen soon had Peter wiped clean and dusted with talc. She had a little trouble drying Peter's thick pubic hair, and wasn't happy to see that the talc in some areas was still getting a little damp and coagulating. It wouldn't do its job properly if it was a sticky mess like that, she thought.

Peter objected first to the terry diaper, then to the plastic pants. When Jen explained that they were exactly the same thing functionally as his disposable diaper but more economical and probably more comfortable as well, he seemed to see the logic and to accept the new garments. Jen decided that they could still make good use of the disposables for emergencies. Jen put a new pair of stretch shorts on Petie, and to put him completely at ease, she sat with him for a while and let him suckle her breast. She found that when she hummed softly, Petie dozed off, so she settled him on the bed and got back to work.

An hour later, Jen had decided to go to the local hardware to get some items for the garden. They both enjoyed gardening, and she got Petie up and told him what they were doing.

Petie was very keen, then looked down at his pants. As with the disposables, it was quite obvious that he was diapered.

'It's only the hardware,' Jen said. 'Everyone is busy on a Saturday and no-one will take any notice.'

Jen was having her own problems staying dry at the thought of Petie in the hardware store in a diaper and a pair of very youthful-looking terry shorts - they were yellow this time, and had elastic around the leg openings. Jen had bought them in the women's section of the store, where she had also bought a large terry short-all with the same sort of gathered leg opening, which she hoped to see Petie in soon. She wondered why some women's clothes were just large toddler's clothes, while men had no such items on their racks.

She slowly got over her excitement and discreetly checked the crotch of her new bike shorts. Dry, she found with relief.

Petie was going on about what he was wearing.

'Petie, please don't complain all the time, it makes mommy cross,' Jen said. She didn't even have to think what to say to him, it just came out. It seemed to do the trick, because Petie was instantly quiet.

Jen decided that he did perhaps look a bit too bulky, and she changed him into his ever-reliable track pants. His diaper was still recognisable if you knew that he was wearing one, otherwise it looked as if he may have pulled his track pants over a pair of running shorts.

They headed off for the hardware, Jen driving her car because that was the first one she thought of. Petie was happy enough in the passenger seat.

On the way, Jen discussed what they needed to buy. Petie seemed happy with everything, even when Jen suggested a new letterbox, which Petie had objected to her buying for months. He's been much nicer, lately, Jen observed to herself.

At the hardware store, Jen ended up taking Petie by the hand to keep him moving along. There were just too many things to distract his attention.

Finally, they had everything, including the letterbox, and they got back to the car.

Petie was perfectly easy to handle, Jen noticed. She was genuinely pleased with the way he had kept up and not been a nuisance. Jen was also quietly satisfied that her first outing as a mommy was going so well, especially when she saw other moms remonstrating with their youngsters about their behaviour.

On the way home, Jen decided that a treat was in order. Petie loved McDonald's, so they drove into the one nearest home.

Petie became talkative for the first time since they had left the house.

He had been thinking about his diaper, and was concerned whether people would notice it under his pants. He wasn't worried at having to wear one, he knew that if he had one of his orgasms he'd be in trouble without it, but he didn't want everyone to know about it. McDonald's was ok, because it was just a drive through. Peter didn't feel very hungry, though.

Jen stopped in the carpark, and got out. Petie was reluctant, asking why they didn't go through the drive-through.

'Because mommy wants to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee,' Jen replied. Well, she thought, a Macca’s coffee anyway.

Peter still was considering that when Jen took him into the store.

He sat down and waited while Jen ordered a Big Mac, a coffee and a Happy Meal for Petie, who had said he wasn't hungry.

Soon they were enjoying their meal.

'I have to go to the bathroom,' said Petie, halfway through his Happy Meal. He felt a different urge this time, one which had been becoming increasingly common for him, and he knew what it meant. At home mommy would take off his diaper for number twos, but he knew he could still do it himself.

'You have your diaper, sweetie,' Jen said quietly, leaning over the table to her husband.

'I need to do number twos,' Petie said, using the new, old words they had been using at home.

'Alright, darling, off you go,' replied Jen. She watched her diapered husband go towards the bathroom, hoping that he would be able to manage to get the terry diaper and plastic pants back on ok.

Peter listened to the plastic pants crackle softly as he walked. Fortunately the store was very noisy, and he hoped that only he could hear the tell-tale noise.

He walked into the bathroom, and then saw with a shock that both cubicles were occupied. The nutritious Happy Meals were doing their job on other young patrons as well. Peter waited a few minutes, then decided it might be better to wait until he got home.

He returned to the booth, and sat down.

'That was quick, baby,' said Jen. 'Everything ok?'

'There's people in them,' said Petie, looking uncomfortable.

'That's alright baby, you can go when we get home,' Jen replied.

Peter drew in his breath sharply. He had had another of the pleasant but ominous spasms which had lately been preceding his bowel movements. He nodded at Jen and clenched his lower muscles as another spasm sent ripples of feeling through his pelvis, ending in a tingle in his groin. Maybe he was just going to come again, he thought, and was glad of the diaper.

Jen was finishing her coffee when yet another spasm seemed to take over Peter's lower body, followed by another, followed by a relaxation of his muscles as he began to soil his diaper. He bit his lip, and looked at Jen who had put down her empty cup and was picking up her bag.

'Come on baby,' she said, now at Peter's side.

Peter bit his lip harder and stood up. What began as a slow expulsion of the contents of his bowel, became a complete evacuation, and Peter began to cry as Jen, realising what had happened, took him out of the store and once in the car, sitting him on the plastic cushion she had bought a few days earlier in case of accidents.

Petie was now crying wholeheartedly as he realised what he had done.

'Oh it's ok baby,' Jen soothed him, 'A dirty diaper isn't a bad thing. We'll get you home and changed and then we can have a nice play together, won't that be good?' she asked, driving with one hand and cupping his bulky crotch with the other.

Waves of pleasure flowed through Petie as he thoroughly wet his messy diaper.

'Ok, mommy,' he said, even managing a giggle of sorts.

Once home, Jen wiped Petie as well as she could, then showered with him. She took advantage of having him warm and wet in the shower to shave his lower tummy with her razor. Petie wasn't sure what she was doing, but Jen explained about the talc in his pubic hair and he seemed satisfied. He was still worrying about doing number twos in his diaper at McDonalds to really care.

'Baby, it's ok,' Jen reassured him. 'If there were boys in the cubicles, you didn't have any choice, did you baby?' Jen asked. 'And you did have your diaper on, so it's all ok, isn't it?' she added.

Peter agreed that it wasn't such a disaster.

'Why do you think you have a dydee?' Jen continued.

'For...when I wet,' came Peter's hesitant reply.

'That's right,' said his wife, finishing the last of the shaving,, 'And sometimes baby doesn't just wet, he needs to do...?'

Jen looked at Petie.

'...to do number twos,' Peter said uncertainly.

'That's right baby, so it's all ok, isn't it? Mommy won't ever get cross, and baby will always be happy because he's got his dydee on, won't he?' she concluded, washing the last of Petie's curly pubic hairs away and contrasting his denuded, child-like crotch with the luxuriant, triangular growth curving away under her own belly.

She looked at her husband, and took his hand and wrapped it around his flaccid member, hanging softly from his bare groin, and gently beginning the motion for him.

'Would baby like mommy's boobie,' she asked, sure of the answer.

'Yes please,' said Petie with a grin, trying to position himself in front of her.

Jen couldn't resist pushing her vulva against Petie's reciprocating hand. His knuckles were striking her clitoris, and she knew that if she weren't already in the shower, and dripping, that she would be very wet shortly anyway.

'In a minute, baby,' she said, 'Let mommy get your dydee back on.'

Ten minutes later, Peter lay on the sofa, powdered, Vaselined, dressed in a double thickness terry diaper, plastic pants and a palest blue stretch terry shortall, which stretched over his diaper as he suckled happily at his wife's breast which she held towards him from under her t-shirt.

Petie wet a little as his wife massaged his hairless genitals through the thick diaper.

Jen was thinking what a nuisance it would be to have to take off her baby's entire clothing just to change his diaper. She looked at the straining crotch of the shortall, and decided to get out her sewing kit and put a snap crotch there. A mommy is too busy to be undressing babies all day, she thought, as her own pleasure rippled through her body.

To be continued…