8 days - Ch. 2

8 days - Ch. 2


September 4th, 2004, 8:39 pm #1

I always enjoy when someone discusses story characteristics like plot/conflict ect. I think my stories are kind of like action movies. There is some weak plot in the background, but it more or less moves from one action sequence, one wetting accident, to the next. There are still story elements, here I foreshadow stuff with Brenda, but in the end, I'm hoping that this is entertainment; I'm not looking to make you think.

Some stories, like the first I ever read on the web, Ariel Crawford, do both, but I'm curious what other authors/readers think? Do you like to think or just be entertained when you visit a place like this?

Ch. 2
Day 1, still early morning

"Mommy" Amber had only just fallen back to sleep after "4 year-old" Melissa wet the bed when she heard "newborn" Amy crying in the other room. They were all 23, but as part of their game, they had assumed different ages.

Amber went into the bedroom and looked into their homemade crib. (It was a matress on the floor with boards around it, and a plastic sheet covering the matress.) Not only was Amy's diaper wet, but so were her pajamas. Her diaper had apparently leaked.

Amber moved the side of the crib and rolled Amy on her back to change Amy's diaper. Amber glanced over where Amy was sleeping and noticed that there was urine pooled on the plastic sheet. Amber quickly soaked the urine up with a towel, then proceeded to remove Amy's pajama bottoms.

Amber stared down at the diaper in surprise. It was completely soaked, and as Amy wiggled, she squished more pee out the sides. "I've never seen a newborn pee so much," Amber grinned.

Baby Amy just smiled, pretending not to understand what her mom had said.

Amber undid the tapes on the diaper, and folded it over, using the tapes to close it shut. Amber tossed the diaper in a diaper pail in the room, and began to put a new diaper on Amy.

No sooner was the new diaper on Amy, then Amber saw the crotch of the diaper start to change color and swell slightly. It quickly stopped.

"I can't believe you still had to pee," Amber shrugged. "Well, you didn't go much, I'm not going to change you again right now."

Amber glanced over at "2 year old" Brenda who had been quiet this whole time. Brenda was sleeping in a single bed in the same room, near to the ground. Amber wondering if Brenda's diaper needed to be changed. She couldn't tell since Brenda was under the sheets.

"Are you wet sweety?" Amber whispered in Brenda's direction?

Brenda pretended she was asleep and didn't answer. Brenda had wet her diaper when Amy's cries woke her up, but she pretended not to notice. Toddler's don't always wake up when they wet their diaper, Brenda thought.

Brenda didn't want to be changed now anyhow, since she had plans for the morning.


Day 1, morning

"4-year old" Melissa was up first, watching cartoons, and the sound of the TV woke Amber.

Amber got Melissa some cereal and peeled a banana for her own breakfast.

Meanwhile, Brenda lay in bed and contemplated her next actions. Brenda had already wet her diaper once, causing the crotch and back of her diaper to fill, since she was lying on her back. She had to pee again, but she didn't want to leak just yet. She didn't want to be changed either. To help her diaper out, Brenda decided to roll on her stomach.

Brenda released her bladder and felt the pee stream out into her diaper. For a few seconds, the diaper seemed to absorb the pee, but because it was already wet, it quickly began to trickle towards the front of the diaper. Soon the front of the diaper swelled as much as the back and Brenda was completely surrounded by a swollen wet diaper.

Before she could completely empty her bladder, Brenda realized she needed to stop. She felt some urine escaping the diaper, as her pink pajama shorts were starting to get wet in the crotch. She didn't want a complete leak yet.

It felt interesting, laying in a twice wet diaper, having first been on her back, then her stomach. The front of the diaper was warm, while the back was cold, from the earliar wetting. The stale smell of urine also filled the air.

She wanted to get up, but didn't want Amber to change her right away. She needed a distraction. It came quickly. Brenda looked over and saw Amy rolling around in her crib. Amy's face tightened up, and soon Brenda smelled the familair scent of a messy diaper.

Amy began to cry...

Perfect, Brenda thought. Just the distraction I need.


September 7th, 2004, 12:36 am #2

This is great story so far with a fresh idea and plot. I have enjoyed the first two chapters and am looking forward to more. Keep up the good work.