March 16th, 2010, 12:28 am #51

maybe next year gbn can play in the nihl tournament. Another early exit for the spartans!!!can someone who was at the game tell us what happened?
here are the numbers from the gbn-marist game. marist wins 4-2. gbn has 36 shots to marists 24. momentum turns midway through 2nd period with gbn up 2-1 when ref, who had not called a penalty for the first 26 minutes, including swallowing the whistle on a classic check from behind on the boards, calls 2 on gbn within 20 seconds. marist scores on the 5 on 3 and takes control of the game . gbn literally assisted on 3 marist goals. marist goalie was good after early shaky moments. gbn goalie solid with a couple of big saves. congrats to marist. good luck against stevenson...cause gbn wasnt going to beat them.... to seperate the reffing from the marist victory, the questions begs, why is a ref being evaluated by ihoa officials during a playoff game. the guy was afraid to decide the game himself, then changed his officiating to play to the the ihoa officials. if the guy needs to be evaluated in a playoff game, why is he doing a playoff game?

as far as the seeding, marist was better than 19....gbn was not a no. 3...and if everything from the 2nd round is going to be on nuetral ice anyway, why seed teams at all? just fill the brackets and leave the seeding numbers unpublished