Weather stats for mountain-top locations. Mt Washington-Mt. Lovenia-Mt. Rainier

Weather stats for mountain-top locations. Mt Washington-Mt. Lovenia-Mt. Rainier

Scott Patterson
Scott Patterson

January 11th, 2004, 3:09 am #1

Here's some interesting stats for a few mountain-tops in the USA. These are the average morning lows and afternoon highs for each location. Has anyone ever seen a weather station on Mt. Rainier? The data for Rainier is from the NPS. I assume it could be an estimate rather than a weather station?

Also, I know temperatures are taken daily from sometime in April through mid-July (the normal climbing season) at the high ranger camp on the West Rib of Denali. Anyone know where to access the data? Minimum gage thermometers have plunged to -95 on the summit of Denali, but since there isn't an official station up there, this figure is always excluded when extreme record lows for Alaska are listed in the almanacs.

Mt.Washington, New Hampshire (6288 feet)

JAN 14/-3
FEB 14/-4
MAR 19/4
APR 29/16
MAY 41/28
JUN 51/38
JUL 55/43
AUG 53/41
SEP 47/35
OCT 38/25
NOV 27/14
DEC 17/1

Mt. Lovenia, Utah (13,219 feet)

JAN 14/-7
FEB 16/-5
MAR 19/-2
APR 27/5
MAY 35/12
JUN 45/19
JUL 55/26
AUG 53/25
SEP 45/18
OCT 34/9
NOV 22/2
DEC 17/-3

Mt. Rainier, Washington (14,410 feet)

JAN 7/-3
FEB 9/-2
MAR 11/-2
APR 17/2
MAY 22/6
JUN 26/10
JUL 33/15
AUG 32/14
SEP 28/12
OCT 20/7
NOV 14/2
DEC 8/-2

Mt. Lovenia is fairly close to the Colorado Rockies, and I would assume temps on the 14'ers might be similar, but a little colder. I assume the 14'ers are a bit drier as well. Notice that Mt. Lovenia and Mt. Washington have very similar daytime temps, but Mt. Lovenia is colder at night. Both locations probably recieve similar snowfall and precip values, and both are either too warm in summer or too dry to form glaciers. Mt Rainier has similar temps in winter to the other locations, but is much colder in summer. It is also much wetter and is heavily glaciated.


January 11th, 2004, 3:27 am #2

Check out the temperature stats on the top of 14er Pikes Peak from the late 1800's at:

and here are some stats for Mt. Evans from the 1990s:

I'm not really just trying to dig up old data -- I can't seem to get any of the current sites to actually load in my browser!