Boundary Peak report posted

Boundary Peak report posted

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October 13th, 2005, 7:31 pm #1

Wow! What a cool hike. Just got back from vacation and ended it with a hike up Boundary. I just posted my trip in the Summit Trip Reports section.

A couple of thoughts:

1.) Looking up the hill once I reached Trail Canyon Saddle, I about fell over. I couldn't believe I was going to hike that pile of sand and rock. You know, it wasn't as bad as it looked, especially the coming back down part. Thank goodness!

2.) I felt much better on this hike than I did on my hike of Katahdin last year. I actually liked Katahdin better, but that hike in Maine whipped my butt. The weather probably had something to do with it as we hiked down from Katahdin in the rain and the rocks were as slick as ice. Boundary Peak on the other hand felt like a walk in the park compared to my Katahdin hike. I wasn't even sore a bit the next day from Boundary. 11 hours on the trail for Katahdin compared to 8 hours for Boundary.

3.) Even though I enjoyed my Boundary hike, I had a couple minor scary moments getting off trail in the scree. I don't think it is a hike I would choose to do again unless a good friend of mine wanted to drag me along.