AAC Study Opposes Fees for Rescues

AAC Study Opposes Fees for Rescues

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May 19th, 2005, 3:44 pm #1

The AP reports the American Alpine Club has formally opposed proposals for climbers to pay for rescues.

The AAC notes American mountaineering deaths and injuries are declining, even though the number of climbers is increasing.

“Over the years we’ve come to see a pattern emerge – that after a major
climbing accident, there was media coverage that painted climbers as
risk-taking daredevils who put tremendous costs on the public and risk on
the rescuers,” said Lloyd Athearn, deputy director of the club and author
of the study.

California, Hawaii, Idaho, New Hampshire and Oregon permit charges for rescues under certain circumstances — although none have. The study notes that fees discourage from people from calling for help until it is too late.

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