World Map of Chainsaw Artists UPGRADE

World Map of Chainsaw Artists UPGRADE

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November 3rd, 2014, 1:00 am #1

After ignoring map requests for a few months, they did not go away. As a result, everyone who's request I could find has been fulfilled and they are now "on the map."

There is a new upgrade to Google Maps. If you accept / install that update, you get a much improved map service.

The new map is now searchable by address, city, country, or by carver name all from a single page. happy.gif


Are you on the map?
This map is my personal project. Chainsaw Artist location information was gleaned from carving websites, forums, and personal requests to be included. If you are a Chainsaw Artist and wish to be "put on the map", email your request to in roughly this format.
carving business name
carver name
business location {full address or at least city and country}
contact information if you do not have a website...