US & Turkiye will produce 600 Blackhawks

US & Turkiye will produce 600 Blackhawks

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Turkiye and the U.S. are seeking to sell some 500 made in Turkiye Blackhawk helicopters to third countries, according to Francis J. Ricciardone, the U.S. ambassador to Ankara. We will see over 600 Blackhawk helicopters, very high technology helicopters, produced here in Turkiye. The great majority of these helicopters will go to third markets, third countries, said Ricciardone during a Turkish-American business council lunch in Istanbul on May 4.
Around one hundred of these helicopters will be used by the Turkish Armed Forces, the ambassador confirmed. U.S. firm Sikorsky Aircraft won a $3.5 billion competition in April 2011 to lead the production of more than 100 large utility helicopters for Turkiye over Italys AgustaWestland. The defense firm is mainly set to cooperate with local Alp Aviation in production. Along with Alp,
Ricciardone said some other important firms would also contribute to the making of the utility helicopters.
Sikorsky also became the first major international company to formally announce it would also seek to win the light utility helicopter contest in May last year. However, no exact date had been decided for the production of Blackhawks, said an Alp Aviation spokesperson.
Possible buyers were also not clear yet, public relations representative Melek Akdoan told the Hürriyet Daily News during a phone interview on May 4.
Riccardione also said that the U.S. supported Turkiyes ambitious 2023 target to become one of the worlds largest 10 economies.
Yesterday I met with the representatives of Turkiyes Economy Ministry and we had talks with more than 70 firms, he said during his speech.
The ministry found a chance to show them all the opportunities in Turkiye, he said.
The envoy also said that Turkiye and the U.S. should cooperate more in the fields of defense, technology, information and aerospace, adding that the dynamism in the Turkish economy could be seen by the newly built roads, airports, residences and malls across the country. ... lackhawks/


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Money will flow into Türkiye. Economy will rise.

Those 600 BlackHawks will need spareparts. This is a big market for our companies.


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