Turks army vs Hellenic Army

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Turks army vs Hellenic Army

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Turkish Army
Land Forces Command (Turkish: Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanl (KKK)) - Ankara

1st Army (Istanbul)

II Corps (Gelibolu, Çanakkale)
4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Kean)
8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Tekirda)
18th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Çanakkale)
95th Armored Brigade (Malkara)
102nd Artillery Regiment (Uzunköprü)
Corps Engineer Combat Regiment (Gelibolu)

III Corps (NATO Rapid Deployment Corps, ili, Istanbul)
52nd Tactical Armored Division (Hadmköy, Istanbul)
2nd Armored Brigade (Kartal)
66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Istanbul)
23rd Tactical Motorized Infantry Division (Hasdal, Istanbul)
6th Motorized Infantry Regiment (Hasdal, Istanbul)
23rd Motorized Infantry Regiment (Samandra, Istanbul)
47th Motorized Infantry Regiment (Metris, Istanbul)

V Corps (Çorlu, Tekirda)
1st Armored Brigade (Babaeski)
3rd Armored Brigade (Çerkezköy)
54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Edirne)
55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Sülolu)
65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Lüleburgaz)
Corps Armored Cavalry Battalion (Ula)
105th Artillery Regiment (Çorlu)
Corps Engineer Combat Regiment (Pnarhisar)

15th Infantry Division (Köseköy, zmit)

2nd Army (Malatya)

IV Corps (Ankara)
28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Mamak)
58th Artillery Regiment (Polatl)
1st Commando Brigade (Talas)
2nd Commando Brigade (Bolu)

VI Corps (Adana)
5th Armored Brigade (Gaziantep)
39th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (skenderun)
106th Artillery Regiment (Islahiye)

VII Corps (Diyarbakr)
3rd Tactical Infantry Division (Yüksekova)[33]
34th Border Brigade (emdinli)
16th Mechanized Brigade (Diyarbakr)
20th Mechanized Brigade (anlurfa)
70th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Mardin)[34]
172nd Armored Brigade (Silopi)
2nd Motorized Infantry Brigade (Lice)
6th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Akçay)
3rd Commando Brigade (Siirt)
107th Artillery Regiment (Siverek)
Hakkari Mountain Warfare and Commando Brigade (hakkari)

3rd Army (Erzincan)

VIII Corps (Elaz)
1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Doubeyazt)
12nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Ar)
10th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Tatvan)
34th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Patnos)
49th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Bingöl)
51st Motorized Infantry Brigade (Hozat)
4th Commando Brigade (Tunceli)
108th Artillery Regiment (Erci)
17th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Ki)

IX Corps (Erzurum)
4th Armored Brigade (Palandöken)
14th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Kars)
25th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Ardahan)
9th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Sarkam)
48th Motorized Infantry Brigade (Trabzon)
109th Artillery Regiment (Erzurum)

Aegean Army (Izmir)

Cyprus Turkish Peace Force
28th Infantry Division - headquartered at Asha (Paaköy) to the northeast of Nicosia, and the
39th Infantry Division - headquartered at Camlibel within the district of Girne.
14th Armoured Brigade - also in Asha (Paaköy) with M48 Patton tanks.[35]
A Special Force Regiment
An Artillery Regiment
Naval units

Logistics Division (Balkesir)
57th Artillery Training Brigade (Izmir)
19th Infantry Brigade (Edremit[disambiguation needed])
11th Motorised Infantry Brigade (Denizli)
5th Army Aviation School Command (Mula)
2nd Infantry Regiment (Mula)
Commando Training School Command (Isparta)
3rd Infantry Training Brigade (Antalya)
1st Infantry Training Brigade (Manisa).[36]

Training and Doctrine Command (Ankara)
Logistics Command (Ankara)

Turkish Military Academy (Ankara)

Army Aviation Command (operates the fleet of helicopters and UAVs used by the Turkish Army)
General Staff controlled units (Güvercinlik Army Air Base, Ankara)
Army Aviation Command
5th Main Maintenance Center Command

Hellenic Army

First Army (1 ), headquartered at Larisa, Thessaly which includes

*I Army Corps (' ), headquartered at Kozani, Macedonia consists of
**VIII Infantry Division (VIII ), based at Ioannina, Epirus organised in
*9th Infantry Brigade (9 ), based at Florina, Macedonia
*15th Infantry Brigade (15 ), based at Kastoria, Macedonia
*XXIV Armored Brigade 1st Cavalry Regiment Florina (XXIV 1 ),

IV Army Corps (' ), headquartered at Xanthi, Thrace consisting of
*1st Artillery Regiment-MLRS (1o ), based at Drama, Macedonia

*XII Mechanized Infantry Division (XII / ), based at Alexandroupoli, Thrace organised in
**7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Sarantaporos" (7 M/K ), based at Provatonas, Thrace
</i> 31st Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Kamia" (31 M/K ), based at Feres, Thrace

*XVI Mechanized Infantry Division (XVI / ), based at Didymoteicho, Thrace organised in
3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Rimini" (3 M/K ), based at Kavyli,Orestiada, Thrace
<i></i> 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Tomoritsa" (30 M/K ), based at Lagos, Thrace
**Tactical Command/21st Infantry Regiment "Drama" (/21 ), based at Plati,Orestiada, Thrace

*XX Armored Division (XX ), based at Kavala, Macedonia organised in
**, Armored Brigade "Cavalry Brigade Pindus" (XXI ), based at Komotini, Thrace
** Armored Brigade "3rd Cavalry Regiment Dorylaeum" (XXIII 3 ), based at Alexandroupoli, Thrace
**V Armored Brigade "2nd Cavalry Regiment Ephesus" (XXV 2 ), based at Xanthi, Thrace

*50th Independent Mechanised Infantry Brigade "Apsos" (50 M/K TA ), based at Soufli, Thrace
*29th Infantry Brigade "Pogradets" (29 ), based at Komotini, Thrace

II Army Corps
*10th Infantry Brigade (10 ), based at Serres, Macedonia

II Army Corps (' ), based at Veroia, Macedonia which includes

*Infantry Division(I ), based at Veroia, Macedonia organised in
**1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade (1 -), based at Rentina, Macedonia
**32nd Marines Brigade "Moravas" (32 M), based at Volos, Thessaly
**71st Airmobile Infantry Brigade (71 /M ), based at Nea Santa, Macedonia

*II Mechanised Infantry Division (II / ), based at Edessa, Macedonia organised in
**33rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Kydoniae Regiment" (33 / ), based at Polykastro, Macedonia
**34th Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Colonel Dialetes Regiment" (34 / ), based at Assiros, Macedonia
**1st Army Aviation Brigade (1 ), based at Stefanovikio, Thessaly which consists of

Supreme Military Command of Interior and Islands (), based at Athens, Attica which includes
*5th Cretan Division (5 ), based at Chania, Crete
Doctrine, Training and Inspection Command (), based at Athens, Attica