Greece braces for further austerity measures

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Greece braces for further austerity measures

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June 15th, 2012, 4:09 pm #1

These are being implemented over previous austerity measures;

- General Taxes will Increase (Income, Property & VAT Tariffs)
- Fuel, Cigarette and Alcohol prices to increase 1/3rd
- Public Sector wages cut by 15%
- Billions cut from Social Security ($1.5 to be cut every year until 2014)
- Billions cut from Health Care ($2.5 to be cut over 5 years)
- Cuts to Education, thousands of schools to be merged or closed(Griks getting dumber, oh boy, as if the "educated" ones weren't dumb enough)
- Retirement age increased to 65 (well done, now you're getting closer to European standards)

More cuts to come...

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