from darkness to light

from darkness to light

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while this guy doesn't mention Jesus Christ, to me Jesus Christ is entering the LIGHT and therefore I hear and agree to the things he says: ... fDLEiwLwQE

here is another guy..........again addressing the heart/compassion ... =endscreen
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every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life


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the three days are not earth time either. On our level they include the two days we have been in since the coming of Jesus to his return within his saints;

when Jesus returned to me, I entered this terrible empty darkness and for me it was three years but it alternated with the light to my soul:

what was darkness to my ego (egypt) was light to Israel (my heart revealed) so I could endure the process of regeneration:

the earth is in three layers.........the innermost core (which is an iron dedechohedron) which is where the MAGNETIC field of the innermost earth that goes along with the HOLY OF HOLIES in the Bible:

the people associated with the innermost earth were visited first and I am one o those:

then the souls who are associated with the middle earth were visited and this is the heart level which also spinning from this inner core but at a different speed, hence these souls were gathered later........and now its time for the OUTERMOST core to be come to the ZERO point which happened to me 20 years ago will now happen to everyone

she is talking about this time and I have been warning everyone for 20 years so hopefully they will listen to her:

I too was put on a fast and this is the way to the spiritual revelation of the spirit world; you starve the flesh and the spirit is revealed for sure

some people will not feel it as spiritual darknes but as PHYSICAL because they don't have a spiritual connection hence for them, it will be all Physical

every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life

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every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life

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Jews (circumcised hearts) of every nation and religion are warning with the same message:

I became a Christian at age 14 and became a Jew at 40 when my heart was circumcised:

since then I understand how all people will experience the transformation

and we are sent ahead so that every language is reprented and EVERY spiritual langauge is also represented

every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life

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doesn't mean it has really anything to do with the experience everyone is going to have:

those who are used to a particular language will explain it frm that point of view and it makes sense that they would do so, no?

if someone were bitten by a certain critter and warned you or if someone warned you of a landmark that is weak or that could take your life, or poisoned food or whatever they experienced ahead of you

would you really get worked up about the fact that they encountered this before you?

thats EGO....

while you all see it ego that speaks of my experience, it is YOUR ego that doesn't understand what Im trying to do

but thats the way it is

oh well

I guess it would be better if I kept all these things to myself so I wouldn't look egotistical to have no idea what I have to go through and ENDURE from above, from the spiritual forces to keep me humble without having to prove it to you...

this is why people stopped sharing the hidden things of the cost too much to try to share them

but then the masses turn around and say, LOOK HOW they hid or try to hide this stuff

when its IN PLAIN SIGHT EVERYWHERE when you open your eyes

which is happening and video after video is coming out to show how ordinary these things have been all along

the only thing hiding them is THe LACK of eyes and ears to see and hear

so Jesu says, IF you have an ear..........he doesn't say YOU BETTER have one

he knows growth happens in its time

every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life


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I kind of get into the mechanics of how things work.
God and the Angels and Jesus and the world.

I think I just solved the Creation hypothesis tonight.
It all came together very clearly so I posted it here.
I'm sure someone will do their best to shoot it down, but that's OK, if it can be shot down it should be shot down.... This is all part of learning.

Bro Tim


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when Jesus comes, he JOINS himself to our spirit which is how we are kept alive and some people understand spiritual energy better than others........

but you are close to understanding that when we are CONNECTED to a higher frequencey which happens at his coming INTO OUR HEART (which is the electrical field that combines with the gravitational field within), a nuclear like explosion happens in our spirit which is what throws our consciousness into complete DARKNESS for three days or two days in my case ........because not all of me was TAKEN out of the body.

like Paul, a part of my spirit consciousness went to Paradise/heaven within which is connected to the ENERGY FIELD OUTSIDE of the body........where we move and breathe and have OUR BEING in God

but now I also had this force WITHIN My consciousness which is why it COMPLETELY SHORTED out the previous consciousness and put me into COMPLETE darkness in consciousness:

till everyone expriences this, they don't UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING

that consciousness we develop during our egoistic "self" life is completely OUT.........we are undone, finished and we suddenly know (because the Lord suddenly comes into his temple (our heart) that we of ourselves are NOTHING

and from that point on, we never forget it and the reason is that our egoistic life has NO MORE POWER to move.......and we discover that there is a MOVER of our consciousness that was there all along..............we just had a VAIL over that information

when that vail is removed, we stand naked before God meaning our egoistic COVER comes off and we have NO choice any longer as to do evil or good........

this is why Jesus said work while it is still day for when the NIGHT comes, no man can work

the NIGHT is like a nuclear explosion in your consciousness that separates you from one state of consciousness

and connects you to GOD consciousness through the coming of CHRIST in you...........this is receiving the "mind of Christ"

and when this happens, you become a MERE WITNESS to HIS POWER....

and YOU SPEAK as a mere oracle of God.........which the Bible says "if any man speak, let him speak as an oracle"

we are not EVEN MAN till then

but just a creature, a created being that thinks it is something, when it is still NOTHING

and this is what the world will discover soon as I did 20 years ago

if not, then everything I said and experienced is a LIE

and you all carry on.........being right while I am completely WRONG

there is no half measures here............I either experienced the LORDS COMING into my heart and consciousness

or I am truly mad........crazy........

and Im pretty sure most of the world would dismiss a crazy person
every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life

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it showed me that science discoverd things around the same time of my experience of Christs coming and what it means for the whole earth from a scientific point of view

warning, the video is old, beware of laughing out laud at the mullet

a few days ago I came accross this video from another video I was watching and it informed me of more that "I" know but wasn't yet informed about:

this is the amazing reality of I AM who is complete so why does I keep creating?

to be in FORM as well as "FORMLESS"; to be ACTION as well as STILLNESS

the great thing is I AM wants to Experience all in ONE, the experience of his OWN creation hence "God with us" or within us even as we are IN HIM

when the inner and outer, lower and higher, above and below, both sides in the middle, are ONE, then I AM is MAN

anyway, this video is long so let me point out some important things I got from it; some of which may be known to others already but the "mind" below is informed about much of what I AM is above and WITHIN but below I am still being informed about all that is already TRUE within and above:

I have been sharing that my spiritual visitation came in 1992 after two years of Christ consciousness where the LIGHT literally filled my brain or mind space continually

after two years, the Christ divided my consciousness suddenly and without warning: What I thought was WHOLE, now was divided into "left and right" above and below and within, back and front......hence the CROSS severed my WHOLE consciousness into a HUGE emptiness that opened within

and the light went create an ABOVE, while the middle was black and the bottom simply ceased being important but it remained as my earthly life

this is how I began to understand the 'city foursquare' and also how it was divided into three parts:

I have been writing about entering through the singularity or zero point from the beginning which is HOW I entered that narrow road to life to BE LIFTED UP,drawn up and away and OUT of this world, but not all of me

God left me with some of my spirit (which was the tail of satan and his messengers) that now went down to the earth where I also lived and Satan also tried to destroy the soul/woman/heart in the wilderness with a flood (the water of the WORD poured out to confuse me more than ever): This entrance to Babylon is for Israel or the heart that now must make sense of this NEW INNER SPACE and dimension that opens up be FILLED as the first level of consciousness was filled

we were talking about the "THREE LEVELS OF KNOWING JESUS" on another thread here so this goes along with that:

so anyway.......

the video discusses returning to the ZERO point, which is the turning point of my own experience in 1992 when I came to the 'END' before the beginning ... re=related

while he speaks of it globaly in December, it happened to me internally, in my own spirit and soul 20 years ago:

if it happens in the outer world it is because it is time for the nations to experience out there what some had to experience within: It may happen to all within at this time which is why the first fruits (those who enter into the Kingdom first) had to experience it in advance to help others deal with this transition:

after the galactic core.......after zero point.....retaining memory of multidimensional experience will be the work as I have shown the last 20 years::

I will say it is impossible to forget this experience: it is the most profound experience one can have and Jesus said, and no other time before or after it so great is that tribulation (it is the state of being raptured for all who experience it:

he explains it was 1991 that a new frequency was picked up by science and this was the year I became Christ conscious

which enabled my HEART to be opened by 1992...Christ pierced and revealed the darkness that was hidden in me and in everyone else:

amazingly he states that TIME as we know it changed in JULY of 1992, again when I fell to the root/floor of my soul to go into the zero point or inversion:

from that time on, I have been sent to cleave to others until the past two years when the light started moving me away from almost everyone.......even extended family and I didn't understand.........but just now I discerned that just as the LIGHT came to me to separate me unto both darkness and light

the light in those who were the first fruits, are now being removed from the rest of the world so they can go into darkness as well to experience THEIR inversion:

a side note, Laitman wants nothing of my input into his group and that baffled me but it may not be him, but the creator who won't allow me to influence them since they have to go through the first phase of receiving the LIGHT before they can ENTER the phase of darkness over the face of the earth that I too experienced within two years of the light

the light actually has to reveal the darkness before it can be overcome by that light....that was first revealed: FAT/anointing cows (soul/taurus) and skinny cows where the anointing no longer fattens the soul:

interface between two kinds of light (photon belt): NO TIME by the Myans, and said those who would live in this time......would have to be strong individuals who are able to use their FOCUS during this transformation of 'time' allowing the change to happen without knowing ahead of time what this transformation will bring

marriage and union of ancient traditions and modern science..........

Here he explains what I did not really know or was informed about... of iron, conductor of copper wire and electricity through that wire develops polarity like s and north poles:

electricity in opposite direction, we still have North and south......but opposite



1990.......was discovered

crystaline center....deodecohedran (spiritual gemetric)

time passing through magnetic field at its peak was 2000 had the strongest magnetic field (HEART) 2000 years ago

earth slowing down......each year......looses some of that magnetic field (heart)

slowing of rotation.......magnetic field...loosing quickly...........

hence LOOSING heart.......geometric function and drop on magnetic fields

50 % less than 1500 years ago.......about 5% is lost every 100 years and now even quicker

I discern how this iron is a necessary chemical in our blood

iron=blood going through the heart

anytime earths magnetic dropped the results in 180 degree reversal

1-10 where is earth magnetic field.....

1-1.5 in early 90's:

4.5 million years chart.....period of geologic time......showing reversals.....many times through earths shifts at least 14 x in the last 4.5 million years: 11-13000 years ago, flood, atlantis.....

also 3500 years ago it may have happened: IN ICE RECORDS in Greenland.....measurable in ice crystals etc

zero point magnetics when magnetics stops, the heart stops in other words

base resonant frequency....

7.8 hertz cycles........through early 80's held constant...

1958 meeting global......from 68 on not to publish because of weapon systems

late 1980.......86-87 increase to 8....8.6....cycles per second

early 96.......9 cycles per second......

google ....shuman frequency get more information on this phenomina

time forward....vibration increases....

series of numbers of sacred geometry FIBINOCI numbers.....non linear, the more increase the faster....

shift of age.....christing of earth.......leads first to ZERO Point

where we enter the fifth world........when mind and heart has become so separate that there was no way to find healing.......and bring these together again

this is why the ego may be the temporary vail given while we sleep so we can be here when we wake up again........because if we weren't put to sleep we would be conscious of the heartlessness we have to endure??

he continues...

H2O........temp increase in certain temps....water exists as solid/ice
under others temps liquid and others gas

phase transition........magnetics and frequencies......H2O continues to be same but crystalizes differently

we remain carbon based but changing into different states......

body is nothing more than elements combined

sand is YOU ........all elements

our earth is transitioning, changing...

here I think of the Video from SANDY (we are sand that is made into GLASS), hence the sea of glass is from the pressure of heat added to the sand:

he continues......

first page of tibetan book of dead.....buddha expressed as being.......with concentric circles around him.........all are given as VIBRATIONS before we reach this state at center

I add, the center is the zero point where there is NO MOVEMENT hence NO FORM, which is written of Christ as well that he has no form that we (ego) should desire him:

he continues.........

relationship between matter and vibration:

traditional TIBETAN scriptures....path of choice....somewhere life of human/soul may be able to leave body and transition (death)

the egyptian godess NEWT.........body and head........sun of newt goes through men and swallows sun and darkness enters consciousness

and then it rises again to a higher level

he goes into a sound frequency and I got a few notes from that too...

emotions are vibrations.......generating patterns, in liquid of body/muscle crystal liquid accomodates that shift

sacred circuit...........our cells DNA regulated by brain.....metabolism, aging, deterioration, (why do we have to?) responses to external enviroment, brain response to PULSE......which comes from the 'HEART"

HERE is the exciting part for me and revelation..........the connection between heart and mind is connection between the innermost part of the earth (which we are) and the next two layers (heart and mind)

he explains.......

circuit between brain and heart......where does heart get its signal???

earth receives signals from earth.........circuit from earth to heart to brain to body

vibratory tuning........ongoing system

change in earth (magnetism, electrical) all must accomodate that change...

earth entrains heart, entrains brain and entrains body....

earth gets signals from SUN which is loosing is loosing it because of that....

sun connects to center of milky way......changed in 1991.....

again this was when I became Christ conscious before it split my heart open in 1992 (judgment)

he continues.....

you are all you see resonating to our earth?

why aren't we always resonating with earth?

fear ally discordant frequency that prevents human body tuning to earth:

ancients said LOVE YOUR EARTH......we are cut off till we get reconnected

resonate relationship.......heart and brain...

listen to the video if you are interested but I shared it because of these points related to the video Sandy linked

the innermost level of the earth is where I entered first and as he explains it rotates at different frequencies from the inner and outer level: I see the holy of holies, the holy place and the outermost crust or Kingdom or manifestation

we are all connected to different parts of the earth and some (me for instance) are linked to the core, which means I had to enter that outer darkness that is required for the shift to begin: the zero point is for those who are being completely regenerated

there are those of the inner court or inner part of the earth the mantel which is the soul that connects to the outermost or manifestation.......and these rotate faster than the outermost

hence the visitation is in three parts

some who enter first enter because they are part of the SHIFT that turns it all around, and this is why MY TIMING was in alignment with science that was never explained to me before this video

even though I KNOW I experienced it on those dates, I didn't know the science involved out there

and now it is the time for the final shift.......the outermost or outer court or court of the nations

and we will see what this means for the OUTER part of the earths shift very soon

so still, what does this mean in regard to the video?

the outermost will be affected by the innermost once it too STOPS (three days of darkness) and goes in reverse........and aligns with those who are in the innermost alignement

till the whole earth is filled with the GLORY of the LORD as the waters cover the sea

the sea will be glass........transparant which is our association with the subconscious that is REVEALED hence all things must be revealed

and the WATER is the WORD that covers it....meaning our understanding of our subconscious is TO BE CONSCIOUS of the WORD as it IS on all levels

enough for now
every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life

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I don't know how I linked that video about the zero point since I didn't even watch it lol.

I watched this one and commented on this video on the zero point: the guy with the mullet:)

I will say in listening to the video I did link, the zero point does cause great confusion (called Babylon in the Bible)

and Israel the heart is put in the Babylon, this confusion which I had to endure, meaning my old consciousness was gone, but the new consciousness was just that, COMPLETELY NEW, at zero point hence the name Manasseh (Josephs son born in egypt/ego) means "cause to forget" because half of your ego memory is wiped out and a new "MIND" begins forming (the one everyone has said they didn't understand in me because of all the gobblygook stuff I was talking about for 20 years)

this new mind is greatly helped by the Bible because it gives FORM to thought and thought is what moves the mind

but this thought is formed FROM THE HEART which is the magnetic field that is once again LIVING and moving the earth, experienced within YOU

but here is the mullet guy and his explanations of the things I talked about in the link above...

his name, Greg Braden........he's a bit older now ... re=related

some more notes as I listen again

decreasing magnetics (heart of the earth which is the greater magnetic pull)
increase frequencies (brain which is the electrical movement)

inner core stops (selah, sabbath) before the middle and outer core stop and reverse

Judahs is gathered first (innermost earth)

then Israel (ten lost tribes or heart that must follow the good ground and its shift):

then nations (outer manifested earth):

innermost core of the earth which I obviously belong to, hence David/Judah is gathered first or at the time of this change beginning(Rev 7)

then the inner court/Israel/ rest of the heart is pulled in that direction after it experiences its SELAH or rest or stop or zero point

and finally the nations (or whole rest of the earth):

now, is this next phase Israel?? (inner mantel that has to stop and start in a different rotation)?

meaning will this be the INNER SHIFT that will eventually pull the OUTER CORE to stop completely so it can also SHIFT in a few more hundred years??

or is this shift that is coming the nations which means the outer shift that will happen in 2012?

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every day is a new day to die to the old and live to the newness of life