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State of the Art Copies

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December 5th, 2011, 6:07 am #1

I recently had an experience which leaves me still unsettled.

I collect hockey wrappers and recently puchased one on eBay. Initially I was elated when it arrived but then felt reservations when I examined it closer. It appeared to be a very good copy on a lightweight and porous piece of paper similar to take used in the period. The paper was unwaxed and did not exhibit any sign of once being sealed.

Closer comparison with other examples from the same year failed to reveal any other obvious differences:

- under magnification, the printing was consistent with the real thing,
- there were real folds which looked correct,
- there were no signs of folds being photocopied,
- the "wrapper" had a tear consistent when a pack would have been opened,
- overall size appeared to be correct, assuming that the original would have been cut from a rolled strip.

There was still enough doubt though for me to try to return for refund.
Luckily the vendor was honorable enough to accept a return.

I once refused a second chance offer for a 64-65 Topps Tallboy from eBay. When I asked the vendor why I was being offered the item as a second chance, I received the explanation that the original buyer found "wrapper" was on unwaxed paper and therefore considered it a fake. I turned that second chance down.

Has anyone else been offered a very good vintage and valuable wrapper which was not on waxed paper?