Favre Still A Very Unhappy Camper--PFT

Favre Still A Very Unhappy Camper--PFT

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May 15th, 2007, 3:33 pm #1

Get the feeling that if he didn't have such a clear shot at setting the all time interception record, he'd be telling Thompson to shove it up his ass by now. What a soap opera!:


The root of the recent turmoil in Green Bay between the front office and quarterback Brett Favre boils down to one reality.

Favre doesn't like G.M. Ted Thompson, and Thompson doesn't like Favre. Neither man will ever say it, but we're told that it's true.

A year ago, we had heard from reliable sources that Favre's wishy-washy routine about his return in 2006 was intended in part to twist Thompson's tail.

This time around, it appears that there is a major trust issue between Favre and Thompson, especially in light of the now-deleted posts on Favre's web site from his friend/pilot "DavidPHX" regarding the apparent arrangement that, if Favre announced his plans to return before the Super Bowl, Thompson would try to upgrade the talent. With no apparent upgrade, Favre feels that Thompson didn't keep his end of the bargain.

Although Favre's fury has been calmed for now, it remains to be seen whether he continues to play nice. A source with knowledge of the situation says that the team will pursue receiver Keyshawn Johnson in an effort to placate Favre.

But, as we see it, Keyshawn doesn't add enough to the passing game to make up for the lack of an established tailback; the presence of Randy Moss might have.

The sore point in all of this continues to be the failure of the team to land Moss. As we hear it, part of Favre's frustration is that the team waited too long to make a move, in the hopes that the price tag for the trade would drop. The problem is that, by the time the price dropped, the Patriots were on the radar screen.

So by dilly-dallying, Thompson missed out on a chance to make Favre feel better about the quality of the roster heading into what could be his final NFL season. And that only has made Favre feel worse about Thompson.

The players, we're told, generally support Favre on this one. Not because it was right for him to speak out (arguably, it wasn't), but because he's the leader of the team and his teammates love him.

And they don't want to have to play with the alternative to Favre: Aaron Rodgers.