Review of Deep Cover Cop

Review of Deep Cover Cop

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By SISSY - This review is from: Deep Cover Cop (Kindle Edition)

"I first heard about this on the Coast2Coast radio show, where Ted Sumner was a guest."

"Ted Sumner and Mills Crenshaw did an outstanding job in writing this book. In the 1980's I read another "Deep Cover" book by Michael R. Levine. This one tops that by miles."

"If you ever wondered what it is like to be an under cover cop then this is the book to read. Read about a young police officer who is tasked to go under cover without cover or back up. And how he learned to think on his feet with each new encounter. This book gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Winging It."

"Each page reads as if you are right there witnessing the entire episode. To enclude the under cover cops thoughts."

"If you are into Kenpo Karate then this book will definately entertain you. Each Karate move is detailed."

"This is better than "21 Jump Street." I'd like to see this book made into a movie."

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I have a signed copy

Good read, Ted is to be commended for his story and a job, well done.

Working undercover, seperates the men from the boys!!

I worked, semi undercover for 2 years, in the 70's, I can relate to Teds story.