History or His Story

History or His Story

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I read over and over again on here about where martial arts originated, well to be quite honest no one knows for sure. As long as man/woman needed to survive they always had a form or system of protecting themselves. Would we call this survival instinct, martial arts or just simply self-defense?

If I'm not mistaken the word martial means warlike or inclined to war or something in that nature, so martial arts would be more in the meaning "art of war"

There are historians out there that argue that tribal AfriKans, in which the Ethiopians, then latter the Kemetians (Egyptians), then other Civilized societies evolved,had no sense of war, but lived in peace and harmony with nature and shared the land.

As so called "Civilized" societes grew the attitude of ethnocentric thinkng (I'm better than you)grew as well, because they discovered knewer and more effcient ways to do things. Man began to create larger groups or tribes or societies that began to utilize these knew dscoveries and the larger they became the more they needed land to accomodate the growing populace. Greed set in at this time and the people who had not evolved into the new way of thinking were in the way of progress. These new societies created bands of people to go out and aquire more land and at time it resulted in force removal. These were the first sign of societies creating a military.

Now if these developing groups were from Afrika, which History proves they were than YES Martial Arts (War Art or Art of War) originated in Afrika.

My arguement is this though; I believe that Afrika did not spread Martial Arts, but I think it spread through the development of societies and the growth of greed and man developing bands of people to carry out their will and forcibly at times, developing their military. The same GREED that WARS are started over today wih our militaries.

Now self-defense is just human nature's insinct to survive and protect one self from harm or danger by creating of method of doing that. That also was not spread but was born into every living creature (the instinct to survive).

As you can probably tell by how late or early this post was written that I couldn't sleep so I'm just passing the time away typing something.

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