2nd Generation Parker Kenpoists

2nd Generation Parker Kenpoists

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June 29th, 2012, 8:27 pm #1

I am developing the list of 2nd Generation Parker Linegae Kenpoists.

You must have received a black belt rank from a 1st generation Parker Lineage Instructor to be included (Castro lineage; Tracy lineage included) Please go to my website and click on 2nd Generation to register. Only your name and the name of your 1st Generation Instructor will be included on "The List" and published to the public. All other info is kept confidential.

go to: www.LccfKenpoKarate.com
click on: 2nd Generation

My Kenpo Journey began in 1970 with (then) 3rd black Harvey Clary, a Parker 1st Generation Instructor. Today I am a 6th black teaching in my own dojo.
Phillip Hadlock