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October 2nd, 2011, 3:06 am #1

Let me guess sm5?

Tim you are wasting your time.

Tim I am a longtime follower of you and a regular on the blog
speaking to you on behalf of a lot of other members.

There is something of a strange power complex that you are
displaying. I'm unsure if an existing personality trait (lack of confidence from
being bullied or something) leads you to this search for power or
if the search creates this type of delusional personality. I am
sure though that you have stumbled upon something - no doubt this
stuff has done some things to some people but I don't know...

But you are moving in circles and your my way or the highway
attitude is the reason for your lack of success. Another thing is
your original plan of staying in the background makes sense. You
are influenced by opinions too easily and there are opinions that
really shouldn't be heard. If someone says something that you do
not agree with, you threaten to leave or to do something else. You
are somewhat delusional to think you have as many options as you do. Those CM claims sealed the deal. If your 'best' formula failed in your words-there is no reason to think anything else u do will be better.

So stop being so laughably childish to think people aren't aware of what you're doing.

As far as the CM formula and it supposed to be able to deliver
15cms in a 45 days-it is obvious that is not to be. You said before
that it was your best formula so anything else you could come out
with will certainly not be as good. There is absolutely no reason
to move backwards and give up on CM when we all know that nothing
else will be as good. You are going in circles and getting away
from something that has the potential to work. You cannot keep
blaming the ingredients or shipping etc. People are onto the fact
that what you are saying is not consistent with reality and maybe you actually believe these things happened. At this point, I'm sure few believe a word you have said based off what you claim you have seen and done.

You are also a bit delusional in saying that you can just leave and
sell only to rich clientel because there is absolutely no way that
the rich will buy failing formulas from someone they dont know and
will not reveal themselves. They also will in no way keep giving
you more and more oppurtunities to keep sending formula after
formula or have the patience for that. Noone else is going to put
up with the same things that people on the blog have. I have heard
and concur that the reason we still have a glimmer of hope in you
is that you are aligned with someone trustable who is transparent.
If it was not for that noone would trust any of this or vouch for
you. You do not even write messages on your own discussion forum.
This gives the appearance that you have something to hide. You need
not worry about your privacy as noone is breaking down the door to
find an individual with no proof of his claims whatsoever.