How O-rings work.

How O-rings work.

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...I hear another codfish bet!! Steve and I are out on this one. Do I hear two people able and willing to take the bet.

Here are the guidelines:
First, one person whom does not think it will seal and one person that thinks it will not.

1. Attempt the task
2. Must hold a seal/charge for a minimum of 4 hours
3. Loser has to make a video stating that he or she is a codfish. Video does not have to be public, i.e. Photo Bucket, You Tube, etc., but posted for our viewing pleasure.
4. The "Your Name" box for posting messages has to say "Codfish" for a period of one week.

Any takers?

Just for curiostiy, this mod will be attempted on another P17 build... By design, it will allow for the much present restricted space in doing the mod.

Oh, another thing, Steve. What grade/material o-ring will be needed? On past mod attempts using an o-rings in hign pressure sealing, every time the o-rings expanded and failed. Of course, the only access to o-rings where the 90 Buna. They expanded wellpast their original spec. and stayed that way long enough for me to observe them after tear down of the gun.

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Except I have nothing to test it on except a 1377 or 397 valve, and Steve said dont bother. And no other way of fabbing the bit for testing.....

But I have a team building exercise idea:

1) Figure out what platform is a viable test bed

2) get soem one to build the part and install it (one of the machinists here... )

2a) while the part is being fabricated, indicate your interst on the bet, publically in the forum, and the results you expect (it will seal, it wont seal)

3) run the test under controlled, observable and repeatable conditions by someone the forum trusts

4) folks that picked the wrong outcome must change their fourm display name to reflect their membership in the Codfish school for 3 days




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I spent 17 years doing prototype/toolmaking work
for the company that builds these compressors.
(Grimmer-Schmidt Compressors)

Their "bread and butter" machines were a 302 or 351 ford V-8.
one side drove the compressor and the other side,(4 cylinders)
pumped the air.
The last project I worked on was a 460 Ford set up as a four stage
that produced 5000 psi compressing natural gas to fill fleet vehicles.

I designed and fabricated heads for many other engine types over the years.
After extensive testing of prototypes, they were torn down and
inspected. The O-rings were ALWAYS pressed against the "low pressure"
walls of the grooves, just as in the illustration from Parkers.
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