1968 Crosman PowerMaster 760 Manual

1968 Crosman PowerMaster 760 Manual

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I received a copy of this manual from Drew Fritts...

Page 3:

The Powermaster 760 is a BB Repeater, Self-cocking, Pneu-
matic pump action Rifle with a BB reservoir capacity of over
180 BBs plus an integral magazine with 18 BB capacity. It is
also designed for shooting caliber .177 Crosman Super Pells
as a single shot rifle. Low Power and High Power shooting is
attainable with a unique, easy, fast short stroke, high com-
pression pump system. Two to three pumps is all that is
necessary for accurate shooting at velocities of standard BB
Rifles. NOTE: For target shooting, 3 pumps are recom-
mended. Do not attempt to shoot with less than 2 pumps.
When longer distance and greater power are necessary for
field shooting, the gun may be pumped up to 25 times.

NUMBER OF PUMPS 2 3 4 5 6 10 15 20 25
Velocity (FPS)* 300 385 415 460 500 560 600 640 660
*Feet per second
'Approximate average velocity

I have a copy of this manual in pdf and will send as an email attachment upon request.

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Hmmmm, now that is interesting. There have been numerous threads on this forum about "how many times can I pump this". I thought the self cocking models were the worst ones to over-pump as they could possibly lock-up and then were not able to be fired until days or weeks later when the air bled off. Thanks for the PDF info.

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Yea 25 I have a 1967 manual.