Forum Rules

Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Important: these rules are subject to be updated at any time.

- Get to know our different forums: we have created separate boards for different topics of discussion. Before posting, we encourage you to identify where you want to post certain threads. Out of place discussions are subject to movement or removal from The Morbidly Hollywood® Discussion Forums.

- Registration on these Forums is not mandatory but we encourage you create a log in name and become an active member of our community. To create a log in name click on the Create Account link featured on the forums’ main page.

- To prevent account cloning and multiple registrations, we periodically browse through our forum users’ IP Address as an identity authentication measure. Users with duplicate IP Addresses are subject to ejection, temporary or permanent banning from our community. We, as forum owner, reserve the right to publish IP addresses with each post. If you don't like this, then it's recommended you not post.

- Before posting, use the Search tool (located at the top right of every forum) and look for previous discussions related to the subject you wish to talk about.

- All new discussions must have a title (subject), threads with no subjects will be either locked or deleted by the forum moderators. All-CAPS writing is not recommended, it’s rude (akin to shouting).

- The forum's official language is English. Speakers of languages other than English are welcomed to post, however the chances of you receiving a reply are slim.

- Spam and Advertising is forbidden at any time. Spammers will be permanently banned from the forums.

- Forum users can use signatures and avatars to individualize their forum identity but these must respect all the forum rules.

- Copyrighted content should always be credited to the original source. If you copy something from another website, please cite the source. It's just the right thing to do. Offensive content (sexual, religious, and political) is not allowed at any time and will be automatically deleted. Responsible party will be subject to temporary or permanent banning.

- Mutual respect is demanded at all times between our forum members (including our moderators and forum owner). Please do not use other people's complete names or addresses without their knowledge. To report personal abuses please write immediately to, email subject: Forum Abuse.

- Profanity, threats, insults and any kind of personal attacks are not tolerated. Basic rule is to be nice and respectful of others. If this policy is violated, we reserve the right to remove the offensive post and ban the offender. While we try not to throw the baby out with bath water, sometimes when an offensive post is removed by the moderator, non-offensive postings are removed inadvertently.

- The basic code of etiquette here is to just have Fun! This forum has been created for you to discuss the deaths and ghoulish details of Morbidly Hollywood® stories (along with other entertainment related topics) and if you follow the guidelines listed above, you’ll definitely make your stay, as well as that of your fellow forum members, a pleasant one.

- Forum users who disrespect any of these rules are subject to evaluation and permanent banning. Report any violation to these rules to

Thank You for being a part of The Morbidly Hollywood® community!


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