CI Should Cut ALL Ties With SA...

CI Should Cut ALL Ties With SA...

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October 1st, 2009, 12:37 pm #1

...until SA delivers Mr. Henderson's case report to them. No company in conventional medicine would continue to associate themselves with another care provider that behaves so defiantly and irresponsibly.

I have little hope SA will ever publish the CI-95 case report, but CI should demand it from them. Once CI has it in hand, they should have it reviewed by a medical professional familiar with hypothermic procedures, specifically cannulations and perfusion. I'm not recommending myself, but I am also not recommending anyone selected by SA, or their affiliates, or anyone selected by SA's allies, at CI.

SA's failure to produce a written case report, in more than three months time, is an obvious admission of incompetence, as well as a tacit admission of the cryo-equivalent of medical malpractice.