Timex ???? ..... Umm,.... YEAH !!! ................. >>>

Timex ???? ..... Umm,.... YEAH !!! ................. >>>

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The main reason I don`t just go "browsing" in Malls is the fear of buying something.

That`s what happened yesterday. A retail outlet had a section dedicated for Timex - something they haven`t had before. So I decide to "just stop and look" .... Yeah right!

Here is what I ended up walking away with.... and the price was much better (including taxes) than what`s listed on E-Bay. So...here are the pics.

This is what Timex calls "Inteligent Quartz".

A realy nice combo that features hour, min, sec, 2nd time zome or 24 hour indicator, 1/5 sec chrono and compass.
A realy neat package. There were other "combos" but this one seemed most functional to me.

The brushed SS case measures 44mm including crown. A nice size. SS bi-directional rotating bezel. Flat cristal protecting the dial. Black chapter ring with tachymeter markings.
This particular model comes on the black leather strap (realy soft and comfortable) with orange stitching to compliment the orange highlights on the dial. The strap is only 20mm and it looks a bit "wimpy" compared to the size of the case but that`s not a deal breaker.

I foond the dial to have a very nice contrast with the informations displayed on it. Altho there are 3 central hands (hour, min, compass/chrono) I never had a problem telling the time at the 1st glance. The compass/chrono hand doesn`t seem to interfere visualy with the other 3 hands - which is realy good.

The dial has 2 half sub-dials.

One is positioned at 10:30 and it has a double role. In the time keeping mode it displays the 2nd time zone and in the chrono mode is counting the hours - up to 24.

The other one is positioned at 4:30 and in the chrono mode it is counting the minutes - up to 10 - after that it "drops" back down to "0" from where it starts again.

The chrono feature can be activated by right side top button (Start/Stop) and reset by the right side bottom button (Reset/Restart)

The compass feature can be accessed with the left side push button and the same hand used for the chrono will be used to indicate North. After aprox 20 secs, the compass/chrono hand resets to 12 o`clock. The compass and chrono features can be used at the same time.

Nothing special about the case back....

I was surprised to find lume on this model, besides the INDIGLO feature. It can`t be compared to the brands we like to play with... but the lume was still visible around 4:35 AM

Fortunately, the lume has a "backup"....

In closing, here are a cfew wrist shots....

Thanks for watching

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