Some Japanese Steel

Some Japanese Steel

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November 24th, 2010, 9:33 pm #1

Japanese....surgical steel...but not a watch.
Bought a nice pair of Japanese haircutting scissors today.
I used to cut hair long ago. Still cut the family and some friends, and I've
been considering doing it again part time.
Anyway, this beauty caught my eye and I had to have it.
Beautiful workmanship on this....great balance, smooth as silk.
Japanese and German scissors are considered the best. This one is huge!
Most stylists use 4, or 5 " scissors nowadays, and this one's 8".
Old school barbers used to use these big shears. I alway's had big ones...liked the feel
of a large could really hack into the hair with these babies.
Anyway, here are some pics. Couldn't really capture the beauty of the steel and
the nice lines but here it is.

The other pair of scissors in this pic is considered a larger one.
this should give it some scale.

got a free leather holster with the scissors...used these back in the day but
nowadays I won't be that busy or that cool where I need to wear this:)
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When I first got here, my niece asked me to get her the Shisedo eyelash curler cuz of its quality.

The wife cuts my hair using her mother's small barber set...will photograph it for you!

I have watched TV documentaries of masters making knives of all sorts and scissors too...such care and attention to detail!