Panzer-Brigade 107/ Panzer-Abteilung 2107 Panthers

Panzer-Brigade 107/ Panzer-Abteilung 2107 Panthers

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I am planning the build of this particular Panther:

Why? It is the first Panther tank I ever saw in real life, as this tank is now exhibited at the Overloon war museum in the Netherlands. That is why it has a special meaning to me, silly, I know. But there is another reason.... the museum has 'restored' the tank in an awfull mannor:

And I want to show it like it really was!

It belonged to the Panzer-Brigade 107/ Panzer-Abteilung 2107, and was knocked out in the battle for Overloon, a town in the south east of Holland.
This is a brief history of the unit and the actions it took part in, quoted from axis history forums:

On 25.09.44, Panzer-Brigade 107, as part of Kampfgruppe Walther, marches northeast in the direction of Overloon. During this march, Von Maltzahn receives new orders. The Brigade is now to move to Oploo, where it is to await the upcoming Allied attack in a defensive line that runs along the line Venray - Overloon - Oploo to the Maas River near Boxmeer. Apart from Panzer-Brigade 107 the line was defended by three Fallschirmjägerbataillone, one Heeresersatzbataillon and one Waffen-SS Bataillon. On 27.09.1944 increasing allied pressure on Overloon in reported.

Over the last month of fighting, the Brigade suffered 323 casualties. On 30.09.1944, it has a strength of 1975 men (including 187 wounded), 7x Pz-IV (both Flak-Panzer and Pz-IV/70), 19x Pz-V Panther and 133x SPW. That day the US 7th Armored Division attackes with overwhelming strength. Oploo is abandoned after heavy fighting and the Brigade retreats to Overloon. An Allied breakthrough on 01.10.1944 is thrown back by Panzergrenadier-Batallion 2107 but they suffer considerable losses and are withdrawn behind the lines. They receive replacements towards the end of the month. The rest of the Brigade continues to fight in the Venlo area. On 02.10.1944 Panzergrenadier-Battalion 2107 is at Merselo and Panzer-Abteilung 2107 is in the Venray - Overloon area.

During October the Brigade suffers 182 casualties. On 31.10.1944 it has a strength of 1977 men, 8x Pz-IV, 11x Pz-V Panthers and 134x SPW. On 04.11.1944 It is finally with-drawn. It is gathered under Major Volker, who had replaces Major von Maltzahn as commanding officer. After a road march to Kaldenkirchen the Brigade is entrained and transported to Truppenübungsplatz Baumholder on 08.11.1944. The next day Panzer-Brigade 107 is dissolved. Its units are assigned to the newly formed 25.Panzergrenadier-Division.

So far my quest for information has turned up very little, just a Fgst.Nr. (Fgst.Nr. 128427 produced july 1944 by MNH??) but no further pics.
Since there are a lot of 'Pantherphiles' on these boards I thought I'd shoot my questions here....
Are there any known pictures of this tank, or other tanks of Panzer-Abteilung 2107?
Does anyone have ideas on the sheme applied to the Panther in the picture at the top of this topic? Would it be a standard factory applied sheme or an improvised one applied by the crew?
Any help would be appreciated!
cheers, Jan
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