Early Sprockets on StuG IIIG in Normandy??

Early Sprockets on StuG IIIG in Normandy??

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June 28th, 2011, 12:13 pm #1

Another oddity from a series of recent eBay pics from the same seller of the cow camo'd Opels (all from French ECPA collection shots) is this StuG IIIG retreating through a town in Normandy c.August '44 unusually, to almost inexplicably, wearing the very early style round hole drive sprockets??

These are more commonly associated with StuGs really only on the StuG IIIAs with 36cm wide tracks, then widened with spacers to 40cm and seen on the first Bs. After that they disappear from the StuG family. They are also see on the early to Mid war Pz.III gun tanks up to c.mid Ausf.Gs before again phasing out and apart from them really only on the first batch of early Nashorns - the "Hornise's".

So the obvious question of how and why they come to be on a Normandy era StuG IIIG is a fascinating one? Has anyone got any other examples or explanations for this one?