WTB - Paying stupid prices

WTB - Paying stupid prices

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March 2nd, 2009, 6:39 pm #1

So I have a few 60's sets I'm trying to put to bed after too many years of searching. Prices listed are for NM-MT / MT cards. They need be very, very well centered and be free from any wax stains, dirt, excess ink, surface wrinkles, ect... Pretty much perfect cards.

Please email if you have any you be will to part with.


Hogan's Heros $35/$60 - 3,12,14,15,29,31,38,40,45,58,63,66($80/$150)

Beverly Hillbillies $15/$25 - 1($60/$100),14,28,60

Addams Family $15/25 - 2,5,10,17,19,34,43,53,55,61,63,66($40/$75)

The Munsters $15/$25 - 1($50/$100),2,9,12,52,58,68

Lost in Space $25/$40 - 19,32,34,41,49