New book with Philadelphia Caramel content

New book with Philadelphia Caramel content

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Every once in a while we hear or see something that touches us. Perhaps it’s
a line in a movie. Maybe it’s human interest story on the news. If you’re like
me, my inspirational moment was purchasing a vintage card. I can clearly
recall the details. It was in 1988 and the card was an E95 Philadelphia
Caramel Eddie Cicotte. Examining the back of the card I noticed it read
“Made by Philadelphia Caramel Company - Camden, New Jersey”. For almost
thirty years my interest in this candy company has inspired me. Inspired me
to collect the entire E95 set, inspired me to research and learn about this
former confectioner, and over the past four years, it’s inspired me to take
on a massive project that I’ve just completed.

A new book entitled Jakob’s Story and the American Dream is being released.
It is a biography crafted in a literary non-fiction format about the life and
times of Jakob (James) Schleicher, founder of the Philadelphia Caramel
Company. This book encompasses much more than can reasonably be included
in one post. I will say that while this book is not card related per se, one
chapter is devoted to the Philadelphia Caramel Company with a couple of later
chapters devoted to telling-with great detail and certainty-what brought
about the demise of his beloved candy business.

With immigration and America’s ongoing fight against terrorism being such
hot topics in the news, this book is fitting for us in that it describes in
detail one immigrant’s true life story. Additionally, a parallel could also
be drawn as to the view some in society now hold toward Muslims and what it
was like as a German-American living in America during World War I. Both
immigration and defining what it means to be American tie into this story as
it relates to the peaks and valleys Mr. Schleicher experienced while seeking
the American Dream.

For anyone who is a history buff, or would simply like to read an inspirational
story based on actual events, I would encourage you to read some of the
advance praise, preview the books’ introduction, read a chapter, or simply
browse the website, Better yet, pick up a copy of the
book for yourself or a friend in e-book and/or softcover format today.

Thank you,