"Covenants of Membership" ...Will You Sign Buck's Covenant?

"Covenants of Membership" ...Will You Sign Buck's Covenant?


October 24th, 2002, 1:20 am #1

Covenants of Membership
We are going to talk about covenants! Yes all up and coming community
churches associated with Saddleback and Willowcreek have covenants.

The best we can tell is one of the primary reasons is so that the membership
can't take over a community church, like they took over your church! Because,
now your under contract. If you try any of this devisive stuff your out
the door.

We will be looking at these covenants from different community churches
as we go along. Some are very interesting!

In the meantime we thought you may be interested in a rough draft of
a covenant one of your Elders is working on just for you at the Madison
Church of Christ.


Examples of Covenants from primarily "Community Churches"

"Traditional thinking says you build the church on the Sunday school organization," Warren continues. "Instead, we built Saddleback on a series of high-commitment purpose-driven classes that require members to sign covenants before they can progress to the next class. These classes create doers of the Word, not just hearers."

Click on the above image to go to the covenant for the New Beginnings Church.
Notice the acceptance at the bottom. Your not accepted as a member until
you sign the covenant, and then they sign the covenant.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

I invoke Allah, the Lord of the Universe, as witness and

swear that:

New Creation Community Presbyterian Church

1st United Methodist Church of Interlachen


?by acting in love toward other members

?by refusing gossip

?by following the leaders

<a href="http://www.omphalos.net/files/refs/SYNOPSIS.TXT">The Covenant
of the Goddess</a>


The Covenant of the Goddess was founded in 1975 to increase
cooperation among Witches, and to secure for Witches and covens the
legal protection enjoyed by members of other religions.

c. Reporting Reason for Termination of


In the spirit of Christian unity, this church

reserves the right to inform any church

which a former member of this church is

seeking to join of the circumstances under

which the former member left this church.

This appears to be a good old Church of Christ;

<font size=+1>Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights, Ohio is a member of the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Western Reserve Association. This church requires adherence to no creedal statement other than that set forth in the Basis of Church Membership and the Covenant of Membership.<a href="http://www.plymouthchurchucc.org/visito ... </a></font>

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