*Repost* Temptation Waits............................Chapters 11 & 12

*Repost* Temptation Waits............................Chapters 11 & 12

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Chapter 11
Rated PG 15

Brady stood in student services and admissions in the Salem University campus, tapping his fingers against the desk as he waited for the office clerk to get back to him. Jason came rushing in, searching for Brady. His eyes located him. Jason ran towards him.

“Brady, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Jason said, gasping for breath. “You are a very hard guy to locate.”

“Oh, so now you have time to play my friend…when I know something of interest to you.” Brady hissed.

“Brady, about what you saw…” Jason began.

“Jase, I don’t want to hear it!” Brady snapped.

“Look…just let me explain.” Jason begged. Brady turned to face him.

“I don’t want to know Jase.” Brady snapped. “The less I know the better…I mean, how the hell could you do that to Jan?”

“Excuse me?” Jason asked.

“You really are scum Jason.” Brady snapped.

“Well, I guess it takes one to know one saying you found it pretty easy to cheat on Mimi.” Jason hissed.

“Yeah…and I hurt her… and I can’t stop hating myself for doing that!” Brady barked, attracting the attention of other students. “Do you really want to do that to Jan? To yourself?”

“Mimi is worth it…you of all people should know that.” Jason replied.

“I can’t believe I used to call you a friend.” Brady said. Jason was about to respond but was interrupted by the arrival of the office clerk again. She handed Brady some papers.

“Just sign on the dotted line.” She said. Brady did this. The girl handed him a copy of the paper. “That’s all you need. Good luck in the future.”

“Thanks.” Brady replied, before walking out, leaving Jason standing alone.


Brady was in the Black’s living room, searching through the magazines, newspapers and mail that were lying about. Belle stood at the sofa, wearing her yellow and blue Salem High cheerleading uniform, her pom poms at her hips. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a neat, high ponytail.

“I can’t believe mum and dad are actually letting you do this.” She fumed. “I mean…Brady, you just can’t.” Brady laughed. “This isn’t funny Brady. I mean, you can’t make a decision like this so quickly. This is your future we’re talking about.”

“Belle, this wasn’t a snap decision.” Brady replied. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.”

“So why didn’t you even discuss it with me before you actually went and did it?” Belle asked.

“Because, I didn’t want to involve you until it was certain.” Brady replied. He lifted up a large brown envelope. “There it is.” He walked towards the stairs. “Dad, I found the Courtland papers.” He called upstairs.

“Great, put them in my briefcase, I’ll be down in a second.” His father called back. “I have to tidy up here…I kinda ransacked your mother’s room looking for the little bugger.”

“Okay dad.” Brady called, laughing lightly. He walked towards his father’s briefcase, Belle following him. He placed the papers in the briefcase.

“When my big brother is considering leaving the country, I would like to be informed.” Belle said. “You shouldn’t have left this to the last minute to tell me. You should have told me sooner so I could have…”

“Talked me out of it?” Brady finished.

“Yes.” Belle replied matter of factly. “Brady, can’t you see that this idea is really insane?”

“Belle…I’ll not be leaving the country…at least not soon.” Brady replied. “So stop stressing and get to practice.”

“Fine…but please note that I have stated a protest against this decision of yours.” Belle replied, walking towards the door.

“It’s dually noted.” Brady replied, smiling.

“And tell mum I won’t be home for dinner.” Belle called, leaving the penthouse. “I have plans after practice.”

“Sure thing Tink!” Brady called as the door closed behind Belle.


Mimi was sitting on the edge of Jason’s bed in his dorm room. She was wearing black pants and a red mohair sweater set. Her mousy brown hair was in loose ringlet curls hanging down naturally. Jason was lying on the bed, his hands behind his head. Mimi turned her head to face him.

“So he didn’t say anything about whether or not he’d tell Jan?” Mimi asked, nervously.

“Mimi…he didn’t want to know about us.” Jason replied, sitting up. “I mean, why would he?”

“Jan can’t find out about us Jason.” Mimi said. “If she finds out that we betrayed her…” Jason slid towards Mimi and cupped her face in his hands.

“Brady won’t tell her Meems…he won’t.” Jason said, reassuring her. He gently kissed her. Mimi slowly pulled away.

“I think I should talk to him…just in case.” She said softly.

“What could you do that I couldn’t?” Jason asked, moving away from Mimi.

“I dunno but I gotta try to make him understand about us.” Mimi replied. “I don’t want Jan to end up hurt just because of us.”


Belle sat on the edge Shawn’s bed in his apartment, eating pizza while trying to stifle her laughter. She was still wearing her cheerleading uniform. Shawn sat opposite her on the bed, wearing cream khaki pants and a black tight t- shirt. Occasionally his eyes would stare at Belle’s long tan legs, which were crossed over, the leg on top often swaying.

Shawn couldn’t stand not be able to touch her. He knew that his hands could very easily travel up her thighs, under her very short cheerleading skirt to reach paradise and the urge was unbearable. He turned his attention to Belle’s sparkling blue eyes that were glistening as she continued to laugh.

He was only after telling her about his life in junior high. They had spent all afternoon, discussing their lives. Belle had found it extremely funny that Shawn was in the chess club. Apparently, he didn’t look like the chess playing type.

However, although Shawn enjoyed hearing about Belle’s past, he couldn’t help but despise it too because every story she told also involved Philip. He hated the fact that Philip spent nearly every day of his life with her, whereas Shawn was only lucky enough to spend one full week with her.

Belle put down the pizza and stood up. “Well, it was really nice spending time with you Shawn but I gotta go.” She said.

“Already?” Shawn asked, also standing up.

“Yeah, I have a lot of homework to do.” Belle replied, lifting up her pom poms from the floor.

“Just homework?” Shawn asked, almost afraid of the answer. Belle stared at the ground before slowly raising her head again. Shawn knew his worst fears were about to be confirmed.

“I sorta have plans with Phil…” She began.

“It’s fine Belle, I rather not know.” Shawn said, running his hand through his hair. He looked at her. “He doesn’t know you’re here with me, does he?”

“Not exactly.” Belle replied. “He thinks that I had a double practice today…he wouldn’t understand why I’d be here with you.”

“So he doesn’t trust you.” Shawn said.

“Of course he trusts me Shawn.” Belle said. “But he wouldn’t understand. He’s so insecure when it comes to you. You’re the one area of my life that he doesn’t know and it scares him. He just needs time.”

“So what? Our newfound friendship is a secret now?” Shawn asked, feeling the anger build inside him.

“I guess…for the time being.” Belle replied.

“Belle, how the hell…” Shawn began. Belle placed her finger on his lips to silence him.

“Shawn…please don’t spoil today.” Belle quietly pleaded. Shawn stared into her beautiful blue eyes. He wanted so much to gently kiss her fingers…to kiss her lips…to kiss her whole body. But he knew if he made a big deal then he would lose her forever. They would need to take their time if he was ever going to win her back.

“I understand Belle…your priority is Philip.” Shawn said, trying to sound understanding.

“Thank you Shawn.” Belle replied softly, gently pressing her lips against his cheek. Shawn could feel himself stop breathing, reacting to her closeness. He forgot how she smelt of peaches. He slowly moved his head, trying to move his lips closer to Belle’s lips. Belle pulled away before they made contact. “Bye Shawn.”

“Um…yeah, bye.” Shawn mumbled as Belle walked out of the apartment. He was still stunned by the sudden kiss on his cheek. Maybe winning back Belle’s love would be easier than he thought.


The doorbell echoed around the Black’s penthouse. Brady walked towards the door, trying to do up his tie. He pulled open the door to find Mimi standing in front of him.

“Oh, it’s you.” He muttered. “Belle isn’t here but I’ll tell her you called. Buh-bye.” He began to close the door but Mimi pushed it open, taking him by surprise.

“Braid…we have to talk.” She said, stepping past him into the penthouse. Brady began to walk upstairs.

“Like I told your secret lover…I don’t want to know.” He said.

“Brady, just let me explain…” Mimi began, following him. Brady spun around to face her.

“I don’t want to hear it Meems!” He barked, taking Mimi by surprise. “I don’t want to hear it.”

“Look, I just need to know if you’re going to tell Jan about what you saw.” Mimi said softly. Brady began to shake his head, laughing lightly.

“What the hell has happened to you?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” Mimi asked.

“The Mimi I knew and loved would not do this.” Brady replied. “She wouldn’t screw over her best friend.”

“Look Brady, I don’t want Jan to get hurt.” Mimi pleaded.

“So what are you doing kissing her boyfriend?” Brady hissed. Mimi was silent. “Meems, I know that I was the scum of the earth to cheat on you…but you of all people should know how it feels like to get screwed over by your boyfriend. Do you really want to cause Jan so much pain?” Mimi was still silent. “God! Why am I wasting my time, I don’t even know you anymore.” Brady snapped, walking into his room. Mimi quickly followed. “God! Are you still here?” He slipped on a dinner jacket.

“Brady…please don’t do this okay.” Mimi said. “I know what I am doing is wrong but Jason and I…we can’t help it, we want to be together. You weren’t even meant to see that kiss.”

“But I did…and now I’m involved in this.” Brady replied. “If I tell Jan about you two then I hurt her but if I lie to her and she finds out later then she ends up hurt and hating me for lying to her.”

“I know Brady but…” She stopped talking. “Why were you at my place yesterday anyway?”

“That’s so not important now.” Brady replied, putting his wallet in his back pants pocket.

“Fine don’t tell me.” She snapped. She looked at him as he slipped on his black dress shoes. “Are you going on a date?”

“Not that it’s any of you business but no…I have a business meeting with dad and Vic.” Brady replied.

“Since when do they let you sit in on their business meetings?” Mimi asked. Her eyes fell on the papers sitting on Brady’s desk. She picked them up and began to read them. Brady snatched them out of her hands.

“Who the hell give you the right to look through my belongings?” He snapped. She stared at Brady in shocked.

“You dropped out of college?” Mimi asked softly. “What the hell are you thinking? Do you realise how insane and stupid that is?”

“I already had this from Belle, I don’t need it from you.” Brady hissed.

“But what are you going to do?” Mimi asked.

“I’m working for Victor and my father now.” Brady replied. “Victor, my father and I have been discussing it for a while…but I only decided recently to take up their offer.”

“So, this life changing decision only came about after you discovered Jase and I in a compromising position?” Mimi asked. “You’re screwing up your life because I decided to move on. Salem U was your dream…you always wanted to study media there and…”

“No Meems…Salem U was your dream!” Brady barked. Mimi was taken a back. “You wanted me to be the journalist…you wanted me to stay close to you. Well guess what Meems…you’ve moved on so now it’s my turn to moved on and do what I want.”

“God! I never knew I was such a controlling influence.” Mimi said, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

“Mimi…” Brady began, feeling guilty.

“No…it’s okay really.” She replied, wiping away the tears. “So…what did Vic and your father offer you at the company?”

“International affairs.” Brady replied softly.

“So you’ll be leaving the country?” Mimi asked, her eyes beginning to fill with tears again.

“Not for a while…” Brady replied, “…I leave for Tokyo in a few weeks.”

“Tokyo as in Japan?” Mimi asked. Brady nodded. “Well, congratulations and good luck in the future.” She walked out of his bedroom.

“Mimi…wait!” Brady called, running out after her. “I’m sorry...” But it was too late. She was gone.


Chapter 12
Rated R / NC17

Two weeks later…

Belle was sitting by a table, watching her father and his business partner Victor, Philip’s father, playing tennis at the country club. She was wearing a white tennis dress. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a neat ponytail. Philip walked towards her, carrying two glasses of freshly squeezed lemonade. He was wearing white tennis shorts, a white polo shirt trimmed with navy on the collar.

“How are they doing?” He asked as he sat down beside her.

“My father is kicking your father’s ass.” Belle replied sweetly. She took a sip of her lemonade.

“Nothing new there then.” Philip said laughing. Belle turned to face him.

“I guess I take after my dad when it comes to tennis.” Belle said, leaning closer to Philip. “As I recall, I kicked your ass out on the court today.”

“And never has an ass kicking been so much fun.” Philip replied. “Especially when you bent down to pick up the ball. That was pretty good…in fact, I would have kinda liked an action replay on that one.”

“Hey!” Belle giggled, playing hitting Philip on the arm. They leaned closer and pressed their lips together for a short yet sweet kiss. If the kiss had been any longer, the snooty members at the country club would have frowned upon it.

“Today has been so good, hasn’t it?” Philip said, gently tracing his thumb over Belle’s hand.

“Yeah of course.” Belle agreed. “Who’d have thought we’d be having such great weather in the fall.”

“I was actually talking about us two being together.” Philip replied.

“Oh, well in that case…today has been absolutely amazing.” Belle said, her lips gently pressing against Philip. The kiss was soft, gentle and loving.

“I’m being serious here Belle.” Philip said.

“So am I sweetie.” Belle said sweetly, her fingers entwining with Philip’s.

“It’s like I haven’t even seen you for the last few weeks.” Philip said. “You’ve been busy with your double cheerleading practices.” Belle stopped smiling, feeling guilty about the amount of time she was spending with Shawn. “And I know I’ve been busy getting used to college…”

“Philip…of course we’ve been busy.” Belle said. “It’s only natural…but just remember…we have Halloween to look forward to with no parentals…and one master blast party.”

“Yeah…it should be fun.” Philip agreed. “Plus, we have to give Brady a big send off. It will be strange not having him around. I mean, imagine Brady…in Tokyo. It just doesn’t seem real.”

“Yeah well either does his behaviour.” Belle said. “I mean, who would have know that under my fun loving brother who lived to break the rules, is a younger version of my father…a workaholic ”

“He definitely has become more responsible.” Philip agreed. “But you can tell that he loves what he’s doing. It makes me wonder why he even studied media.”

“Yeah, me too.” Belle said. There was silence.

“So…how about we end this perfect day by going out for dinner tonight?” Philip asked, smiling.

Belle swallowed hard. She already had plans to meet Shawn tonight. “I can’t Philip. I already have plans.” She replied, feeling extremely guilty.

“Oh, well I guess it was a little last minute.” Philip said, trying to hide his disappointment. Belle hung her head in shame. She hated lying to Philip but he would never understand about her and Shawn.


Mimi and Jason were sitting on the bed in Jason’s dorm room. Their eyes were glued to the TV screen as they played Tekken 3 on the Playstation. Occasionally, Jason would glance at Mimi and smile. She looked so cute when she was concentrating on the game. Her face was scrunched up and intense.

She was wearing blue jeans and a white halter-top. Her mousy brown hair was hanging down in soft ringlet curls. Jason was wearing dark jeans and a white tight t-shirt, showing off his perfectly sculptured chest.

“I’m so going to kick your ass! She said, pressing all the buttons on the console.

“We’ll see babe, we’ll see.” Jason said, trying his hardest to defend himself. However, the power bar slowly began to get smaller. “No! No! No! Nooooooooooo!” His character Paul fell to the ground, a big K.O. flashing on the screen.

Mimi jumped up and started doing her victory dance. “Go Nina! Go Nina!” She cried, referring to her character in the game. She danced in front of Jason, laughing and pointing her finger at him. “Jason got his ass kicked by a girl!”

Jason reached out, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down on his lap so she was straddling him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as Jason’s fingers traced up and down her bare back. Their foreheads rested against each other and they rubbed noses.

“I really want to kiss you Mimi.” Jason said in a soft whisper. Mimi gently massaged the back of Jason’s neck.

“So kiss me.” She replied, softly.

Jason pressed his lips against hers gently, as if he was afraid to hurt her. Slowly, the kiss began to grow with passion as Mimi pushed herself up against Jason’s hard muscular body. Jason could feel his jeans tighten. He wanted her. Bad. Mimi could feel his passion and want for her. She smiled as her tongue gently grazed against his sweet lips, demanding entry to his mouth, which Jason quickly granted. They fell back on the bed, their bodies ands lips never breaking contact. Mimi wrapped her legs around Jason’s waist as they rolled over so Jason was now on top.

Suddenly, someone knocking on Jason’s dorm door interrupted them. They tried to ignore it but the knocking continued. Jason pulled away and Mimi frowned. He gently stroked Mimi’s cheek and placed a stray curl behind her ear.

“It must be the pizza guy.” He said, grabbing his wallet on the bedside locker. He ran off to answer the door as Mimi sat up on the bed. Her eyes automatically caught sight of the picture of Jan and Jason, looking so in love, sitting on Jason’s bedside locker. Mimi quickly looked away, feeling the surge of guilt take hold of her body.


Belle stood at Shawn’s door, nervously waiting for him to open the door. She was wearing a short black skirt with a slit up the side, black knee high boots and a fitted charcoal grey shirt with ¾ length sleeves. Her long blonde hair was hanging down naturally in loose bouncy curls.

Finally, Shawn pulled the door open. He was wearing jeans and a green shirt with short sleeves. “Wow!” He said. “You look different out of your cheerleading uniform.”

“Gee, thanks!” Belle mumbled, stepping past him into his apartment.

“No…that’s not a bad thing.” Shawn began, panicking. “I’m just so used to seeing you in your uniform that you look different in normal clothes…but…I…I mean different in a very good way.”

“Relax Shawn.” Belle said, giggling. “I’m just teasing.” She looked around the apartment. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?”

“I thought we could have a movie night.” Shawn replied. Belle looked at him, confused, uncomfortable and guilty. “I’ve rented I Know What You Did Last Summer, Bring It On, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Top Gun.” He finally noticed that Belle did not like the idea. “What’s wrong?”

“Shawn…I can’t have a movie night with you.” Belle replied. “Movie nights are like this sacred thing between Philip and I. It’s bad enough that I’m even here with you…but to have a movie night with you…well, that would be as bad as having sex with you.”

“Well if it’s a toss up between a movie night and having sex then I vote for having sex.” Shawn said, grinning his trademark smile.

“Ha ha.” Belle mumbled, crossing her arms under her chest.

“Belle, I’m just teasing.” Shawn said. “Look, we don’t have to have a movie night. We can just concentrate on eating dinner.”

“You cooked?” Belle asked, smiling.

“Are you crazy? Do you want food poisoning?” Shawn joked. “I had it delivered.”

They walked out to the kitchen. Shawn opened the oven and lifted out a box with the name Carla’s Café inscribed on it.

“Oh my God!” Belle cried, recognising the name on the box. It was the name of the café at the lakes.


Belle and Shawn walked into Carla’s Café, hand in hand. Belle was wearing short denim shorts and cropped green halter top. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail to the side of her head. Shawn was wearing cream khaki shorts and a white button down shirt with short sleeves, which was open, showing off his well toned and tanned chest. They slid into a booth together, never letting go of their hands. They stared into each other’s eyes as Shawn’s thumb grazed over Belle’s delicate hand. He leaned in and softly kissed her pink lips, which tasted of strawberry.

“Hey love birds, do you want to order?” The waitress called, standing behind the counter, her nametag reading ‘Carla’. Shawn and Belle pulled away, never letting go of their hands and never letting their eyes break contact.

“Chilli dog…no onion.” They both replied at the same time, smiling.

Flashback Ends

Shawn opened the box to reveal their dinner…chilli dogs with no onions. Belle smiled.

“Wow!” She said, looking at Shawn. “You remembered.”

“How could I forget?” Shawn asked sincerely, staring into Belle’s eyes. Belle smiled, touched by the memory.


Mimi sat outside Brady’s office at Titan Black Corporation. She looked around her. Everyone in the offices was dressed really smart, in suits and professional looking clothes, making her feel even more inadequate. She pulled her jean jacket closer, trying to cover the halter-top. She glanced at Brady’s assistant’s desk, which was empty. Mimi assumed that his assistant was in the office with him, taking down something or other.

Suddenly, Brady’s door opened and out stepped Brady, with a young girl who looked like his assistant. They were laughing and joking. Suddenly, Brady saw Mimi sitting, waiting. He became serious again.

“Mimi, what are you doing here?” He asked, trying to sound polite but failing. Mimi stood up.

“I…I…I really have to talk to you.” Mimi replied.

“Fine…but I only have a few minutes to spare before I leave for dinner with some clients.” Brady said.

“Thanks Brady.” Mimi said before she headed into his office, complete with leather sofa and a view.

He turned to his assistant. “Hold my calls…and make sure you fax those details we discussed to Tokyo.” He stepped into his office to find Mimi sitting by his desk, nervously tapping her fingers against the desk.

Brady placed his business jacket on the coat rack and sat down behind his desk. Mimi looked at him, noting how good he looked in a suit. She used to love school dances because he would always wear a suit. Now he was wearing a suit nearly every day…and she was missing admiring him.

“So Mimi…what are you doing here?” Brady asked as he began to sign some paper work.

“I need to talk to someone…and right now you’re the only person I can talk to.” Mimi said. He looked up at her.

“Spit it out Meems.” He said.

“It’s Jase and I…” Mimi began.

“For God sake Meems!” Brady hissed, slamming shut the paper work. “Just because I know about your liaison with Jason…it does not mean that I want to hear about it. An ex-boyfriend never wants to hear details about that.”

“C’mon Brady…can’t we just act like grown ups and be friends?” Mimi asked.

“Mimi…we’ve been through this!” Brady snapped. “I can’t just go from your boyfriend who loved you to your friend. That is just torture!”

“Brady, can’t you see how selfish you’re being?” Mimi asked.

“Me? Selfish?” Brady asked. “I’m not the one who is screwing over their best friend while expecting their ex-boyfriend, who by the way, is still in love with you, to listen to the sordid details of the affair.”

“Brady…” Mimi began.

“God Meems! What the hell is wrong with you?” Brady snapped. “All you care about is yourself…you don’t care about the fact that you’re hurting Jan, me…or even Jason. But, in reflection, your new attitude is helping me a lot.” He stood up and grabbed his dinner jacket.

Mimi stood up and spun around to face him. “What do you mean by I’m helping you?”

“Your new attitude is helping me STOP loving you.” Brady replied, before storming out of his office.


Belle giggled, struggling to maintain her balance as she played Twister with Shawn. Shawn was reaching over her, making sure he had his feet and hands on the right colours. He was also trying to spin the wheel. He finally spun it, although he struggled to hold his balance for a few seconds.

“Okay Belle, right foot blue.” He said.

“What? I’ll never make that.” She laughed. She lifted her left leg and moved it towards the designated area, which meant she had to cross it over her right leg. She managed to do it, although her balance did not look very steady.

Shawn reached over to spin the wheel again. His body began to rock. Suddenly, his body collapsed, forcing Belle down onto the floor too. They lay on the floor, giggling. Shawn was lying on top of Belle. He pushed himself up, resting most of his weight on his arms, which were placed on either side of Belle’s face. He stared into Belle’s eyes, getting lost in them.

“Sorry.” He whispered softly.

“It’s okay…I had fun.” Belle replied, in between fits of giggling.

Suddenly, Shawn’s hands moved towards her body, his fingers slowly and gently tracing up and down her arms and shoulders. Belle knew that she should pull away…but she couldn’t; his touch made her feel alive. Slowly his fingers moved towards her neck, then her cheek, gently caressing it. He glanced at Belle, as if he was asking her permission. He could see the burning desire in her ocean blue eyes…and he knew she wanted it as much as he did.

He slowly lowered her head towards hers. His lips slowly and gently grazed against hers, teasing her. He pulled away slightly before pressing his lips against hers for the second time tonight. This time, the kiss was gentle and loving yet bubbling with passion. He could taste her strawberry lip-gloss; bringing back the perfect memories of their Spring Break together.

Belle knew what she was doing was wrong but she couldn’t stop herself. She wanted him more than she ever wanted anyone or anything else before in her life. She raised her hand, her fingers stroking Shawn’s face and occasionally running her fingers through his hair.

Shawn wrapped his arms around her waist so she was now lying on his arms. She arched her back, forcing her body to press against his. Shawn was going crazy as he felt his jean tighten around his groin. He could feel her nipples, pressing into his muscular chest, through her bra, blouse and his shirt.

Belle’s moans of pleasure as their tongues danced together only aroused him more. He pressed into her even more, ignoring the increasing bulge in his jeans, causing Belle to moan and sigh even more.

He didn’t know where tonight might lead but he knew Belle wanted him…as much as he wanted her. He knew that tonight, no one, especially Philip, could come between them.


To be continued...

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