~Let's Go To Vegas~ Chapter 22

~Let's Go To Vegas~ Chapter 22

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Note: Since I'm now all caught up, chapters will be coming once a week.

Chapter 22

It was still early the next morning, when both Shawn and Belle woke up.

After returning to the hotel late the night before, they weren't all that tired. So, they took a small walk down the street where their hotel was. They passed all of the different themed hotels. And as they walked passed the Venetian Hotel, they stopped and took in the sites of the city at night. While standing on the Rialto Bridge at the hotel, they noticed a some people taking a Gondola ride, and Shawn promised to take Belle on a Gondola ride before leaving to go home.

It was now morning and since they didn't have anything planned for the day, they decided to hang out with Andrew and Stephanie.

After eating a breakfast that they decided to get from room service, both Belle and Shawn got dressed and was waiting for Stephanie and Andrew to arrive.

"You know Shawn, I think we should go skydiving today. Doesn't that sound like fun?" Belle smiled, excitedly.

"I don't know Belle. It's too hot outside for skydiving. And besides, I'm not sure that it's safe since you're pregnant." Shawn said.

"Oh Shawn, I'll be fine. And I read about a place that has indoor skydiving, so we don't have to worry about the heat. Pretty please!! It'll be fun!" Belle said, batting her sparkling blue eyes at Shawn. But, before her husband could answer her, she got a case of morning sickness.

After returning from that bathroom, Belle returned to the downstairs living room to find Shawn talking with his two cousin's.

"Are you sure that you feel up for indoor skydiving to today, sweetie?" Shawn asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm feeling much better now, I promise." Belle reasured Shawn, as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

And after checking to see if they had everything, the four heading out the door.

Since it wasn't too hot outside with they all left the hotel, the group decided to walk instead of drive to all the places that they were going to go to.

Their first stop was the High Roller Roller Coaster that Belle and Shawn noticed earlier that was located at the Stratosphere. Since Shawn wasn't a fan of hights all that much, he decided to sit the first ride out. He did however, get a picture of Belle, Stephanie, and Andrew as they got strapped into the ride that went 100 stories above the strip.

"WOW!! That was a rush!" Andrew said, as Shawn walked over and he and Andrew helped Belle and Stephanie off of the ride.

"If you say so. I almost got dizzy just watching you guys." Shawn laughed.

After Belle assured the group that she was still doing okay, they all heading to a ride called the "Richard Patty Drving Experience" which was located just down the street at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Both Shawn and Andrew were looking forward to this ride. After the guys got their instrucions, they got into their authentic Winston Cup-style stock car and began to race. Belle and Stephanie had a blast watching Shawn and Andrew racing.

It was almost lunch time by the time that Andrew and Shawn finished racing.

Since it was starting to get a little hot ouside, the group walked back to the Mirage hotel to get Andrew's mini-van, and then heading over to "Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet Restrant for a light lunch.

While eating Shawn saw an advertisment for bungee jumping.

"Belle, how about going bungee jumping instead of skydiving?" He asked his wife.

"Okay, but on one conduction." Belle said.

"And that would be?" Shawn just knew that she was going to ask him to go with her.

"If you would go with me." She said, smiling that bright smile that he could never say no to.

"Okay, since I didn't go with you on the 'High Roller Roller Coaster', I'll go bungee jumping with you. But, we're waiting at least for a couple hours that way our stomach's can settle."

And so after lunch, the group of four went to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. They went through most of the exhibits, which included a live shark exhibit and an international wildlife room.

After deciding that they would try and go to the Guinness World of Records Museum later on, Shawn, Belle, Andrew, and Stephanie made their way to the Circus Circus hotel were the bungee jumping place was located.

And as promised, Shawn went with Belle. And as they rode the elevator up to the top, they waved down at Stephanie and Andrew.

Once at the top, both Belle and Shawn were helped with putting on the safety harness. They got to the edge, held on to one another's hands, and jumped.

After coming back down the elevator, Belle said that she wanted to head back to the Mirage hotel because she wasn't feeling good.

"It's probably all of the excitement of the day." She said, promising that it was just a little stomach ache and just needed a little bit of rest.

The group had just arrived at the hotel, just as the Dolphin Show was about to begin. They stayed and watched the whole show, and then Shawn and Belle, and Andrew and Stephanie went their seperate ways for the evening.

After Belle took a nice long and relaxing bath in the hot tub, she and Shawn decided to hang out in their room for the rest of the evening since they were both too tired to go anywhere else.