Rules and Things

Boring, but important - so please read!

Rules and Things

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I am hoping that our community will regulate itself efficiently without having to put down too many rules! However, here is just a small reminder for general etiquette:

** Do not shout (capital letters)!

** Stay polite and remember that written words are not always understood the way the author intended. Therefore be tolerant and give someone the benefit of the doubt... Equally, the author has to be careful what to write.

** You are of course allowed to voice your opinions, but do remember that other members are allowed to do the same. This is also a private forum and the administrator and moderators reserve the right to moderate posts in any way they see fit.

** I operate a strict policy regarding working/coursing/hunting (with live bait) lurchers and salukis: discussions and links about these topics are not allowed on this board unless it's a general discussion. Any posts on these issues may be removed without warning. There are other forums out there where these topics can be freely discussed.

** It is not permitted to advertise dogs/puppies for sale on this board. A good and responsible breeder does not need to advertise their puppies like this. A dog/puppy can be put up for rehoming in the appropriate section, but not for a purchase price! If you need to rehome your puppy/dog for genuine reasons, consider asking for a donation to a rescue organisation instead and also consider asking for rescue back up to help you with home checks and life long back up for the dog.

** If you would like to post an appeal or a link to an appeal, please ask for permission first from the forum administration (LurcherGirl).

** I have no problem with posting links to other forums, however, if I see something on those particular websites/forums I don't like (e.g. advertising of rough training methods, e-collars, hunting etc.), I will remove it.

** If there are any concerns about any of the websites regarding the contents of the website or regarding the person owning it or if you are unhappy with any of the posts/threads, please pm or email me directly and DO NOT POST ON THESE THREADS! I will then decide whether the thread/post/webpage remains on the forum or not! I will decide on a case to case basis whether any personal accusations - whether they are justified or not - remain on this forum, most of them won't! Please get in touch with me if there are any issues of any kind and let ME deal with it! Thanks!

** If you would like to leave the forum, then please do so quietly. We are of course sad about every member that decides to leave for any reason, but if you have concerns about the forum or something has upset you in any of the posts, then please let us know via PM (not on the public forum) and we might be able to fix it or at least it will help us understand why you are leaving and perhaps how we can improve the forum.

That's it really. If any other issues come up, these rules will be amended!

Thanks and enjoy your visit here.

Vera Marney
BSc (Hons) Canine Behaviour and Training, MAPDT UK and