RE games psp fixes

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RE games psp fixes

Nemesis T-Type III
Nemesis T-Type III
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will many people had troble with resident evil games on psp
i decided to post the comtability list and fixes here :D
Resident Evil SLUS-00170 NTSC-U
Works well 3.71. Some sound glitches. Tested by SephirothX
5.00 M33-3 Works fine so far (3 hours)

Resident Evil SLES-00200 PAL-E
5.00 M33-6 Works OK but can have problems when characters talk. Sound can get stuck in a loop. ChapmeisterFlash

Resident Evil: Director's Cut SLUS-00551 NTSC-U
Works perfectly 3.40. Tested by SephirothX.
3.52: Playable. ~NXMT
3.71: Playable. ~NXMT
5.00 M33-6: Playable. - LiquidSnakE
5.00 M33-6 using default game id plus 4.01 pops game plays flawlessly from beginning to end with no issues. sheriff

Resident Evil: Director's Cut SLES-00969 PAL-E
5.50 GEN-D3 Pops 3.80: Works perfectly! Tested by ShikaeshiRaito

Resident Evil 2 SLUS-00421 NTSC-U
3.40/3.52: SLPS-01222 MUST be set as the Game ID.
3.71: Disc 1 reported to work if you use the GameID SLPS-01510, however disc 2 freezes at police station.
3.80: Both disk 1 and 2 work perfectly using SLPS-01222 again. Tested by Cheska. During the train boss battle with Birkin on Claire Scenario B the game will freeze if you stay too close to the train door-solution: go to the opposite side of the train and fight him there, once the battle is over there is no danger of freezing(Note: this is on a two eboot none multi disc version it may be different on multi disc.) Tested by REfan190
3.90: Both disk 1 and 2 freeze at Violence Warning screen on SLPS-01222. Leon/Claire A Scenarios (Disk 1) works perfectly using SLPS-01510, but B Scenarios freeze at random points when going up stairs or ladders in the police station.
5.50GEND-2 pops 4.01 using psx2psp to create single eboot changed game id and main game ID to SLPS-01222 and works without a flaw woot!! cw cheat works with it as well in the cheatpops db file change game id to whatever cwcheat shows for the game. -->> upgraded to 5.50GENd-3 and still working flawlessly Whitetiger2695
5.00 M33-6/5.50 GEN-B2: Before getting crazy trying to make this game to work correctly (like me! :P), just look my observation about it at the 'Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition NTSC-U' bellow. I'm sure it will be very usefull! ;) - joe1310
CFW Enabler 3.51: joe1310's way works!

Resident Evil 2 SLES-00972 PAL-E
The PAL version does work. POPS v3.40 required (Download all POPS versions using POPLoader - activate plugins in Recovery Menu). Tested on SLIM 3.71 M33-3.

Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition SLUS-00748 NTSC-U
3.52: Works perfectly - Use SLPS-01222 - by 2PS
3.72: Freezes at violence warning screen (used multidisc eboot and SLPS-01222). - LiquidSnakE
3.80/.90: Crashes at violence warning screen even when using SLPS-01222 - use other fw (3.52) - by 2PS
3.80: Freezes at violence warning screen (used multidisc eboot and SLPS-01222). - LiquidSnakE
3.80: My multidisc eboot (with SLPS01222 as the main ID and both discs IDs) gets past the violence warning screen on both discs and works awesome, I made mine with popstation_md and disc images of the dual shock edition - DebugJunky
3.90: Freezes after PlayStation logo (used multidisc eboot and SLPS-01222). - LiquidSnakE
4.01: Freezes after PlayStation logo (used multidisc eboot and SLPS-01222). - LiquidSnakE
4.01M33-2: (tested on PSP 'Fat') Freezes after entering the Police Station. Use Game ID: SLPS-01222 and Popsloader to emulate 3.25 and everything will work fine. By, Caustic Paradox
5.00 M33-6: Works Fine (used multidisc eboot that I created myself using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 and SLPS-01222 and pops 3.9). - xFrostx
5.00 M33-6/5.50 GEN-B2: Works very fine, exactly as xFrostx said, BUT there is a VERY IMPORTANT MISSING DETAIL that it cost me a lot of time! Here it is: To prevent the game to freeze at violence warning screen, when creating the EBOOT.PBP file DO NOT FORGET to change each one of the disks IDs TOGETHER WITH the Main Game ID! To make it easier, just follow this: before clicking the 'Convert' button at the 'whatever-program-you-are-using' interface, make sure you have changed the Main Game ID to SLPS-01222, the Disk #1 (Leon) ID to SLPS-01222 and finally, the Disk #2 (Claire) ID to SLPS-01223. My advice: use PSX2PSP v1.4.2 to do this, as far I know, no other program allows you to adjust the IDs like this one. If you bypass this step or change only the Main Game ID, the game will freeze at the violence warning screen for sure! I'm using firmware 5.00 M33-6, with POPsloader 3.90 and the game is running flawless now! By the way, this same information is also valid to the RE2 without Dual Shock support. Enjoy the game! ;) - Updated Info: I've updated my PSP to 5.50 GEN-B2 and still works very fine. Don't worry, be happy! :D - joe1310

Works great on 5.50 Gen-D3, running pops 3.90 as said above, got past the police station aswel, i named the leon disc and tagged it with main game id 01222, and the same for the game id changing it to 01222, not too sure about clares disc havent got that far, if im reading the details above right you have to name the main game id 01222 and the game id 01223 for her disc, ive made the eboot but waiting to finish disc 1 then ill report back if disc 2 sticks or freezes anywhere, also alot of people were having problems gettin the cwcheat to work with dual shock version, i too had problems, it took me 2 full days to figure it out the game saved in the database already isnt working with nstc versions of this game so you think change the game id to SLPS_01222 will help, it doesnt,what i done was downloaded the latest cwcheat database from their site and edited it with cwcheat editor deleting all resident evil 2 entrys and create my own new entry with the same details that came up when the cheats didnt work,its a little complicated talking about it here, if any of you want the new database, email me, if anyone needs help on it then contact me by my email,, ENJOY!!! h34dc4s3 (UPDATE) Clare disc works also and have gotten cheats to work aswel, i only added a few cheats for clares disc, its not that hard to add the cheats using the cheat databae editor,as ive said above if you need the cheat database just email me. ENJOY!!!

5.50 GEN-D:</b> still freezes at police station when using SLPS-01222 and 3.90 pops - VEnDeTtA bOy

5.03 MHU (CFWEn 3.51): Game freezes at warning screen with popsloader 3.72 using SLPS-01222. Any other popsloader will either freeze the PSP or cause the game to not start. - rtyu12

5.50 GEN-D, pops 3.70 & 3.90. Game doesn't load at all. I tryed what joe1310 says above(about changing the ID for both disk) and also tryed with a miltidisk eboot, but nothing seems to work. Bring us a little light here anyone. Xandro.

5.00 m33-6:slim psp game play's perfectly through both leon and claires discs using pops 3.40 plus game id SLPS-01222 also setting disc speed to fast. (the only problem was a bit of slowdown when using the machine gun with claire playing the arranged game).sheriff.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis SLUS-00923
5.00 M33-6 WORKS PERFECTLY!!(Up to 1st Save Point, at least. This way you could - in theory - save it and then use any of the compiled EBOOTs that normally crash after the loading screen.) Compiled EBOOT.PBP file using Zinga's Simple Popstation GUI 3 BETA - It goes to the black screen after the introduction video, and after testing different theories I found a few ways to get it to work, this was the most efficient (No guarantee this will work for you, best chances to get these to work are to compile your EBOOT using Zinga's Simple Popstation GUI v3 beta): The way I do it is by pressing MENU, then selecting More Options/Other Options and changing DISK LOAD SPEED to FAST. I find that tapping MENU to pop the MENU up and down, improves the success rate of this(my friend's PSP only loads it when I change disk load speed AND tap MENU)- Then Go back and it should load up the GAME MENU. My suggestion is to get to a save point and svae it ASAP. Beats the black screen on new game, which could come in handy. Keep a copy and you won't have to worry about that problem next time.

Important! Use SLPS-01222 (BioHazard 2 Game ID) to avoid Clock Tower game freeze. To avoid game freeze after getting the firehose, instead of going directly to the alley, go back to the parking lot to deposit the hose in the chest. Now go directly to the alley (without the fire hose) and then there you withdraw the hose skipping the door where the game freezes.

4.01m33-2: freezes when open chest use SLPS-01222 (BioHazard 2 Game ID) - by gameoke. 3.90 Works fine so far (1 hour)

4.01m33-2 with Popsloader 3.40 works fine, but freezes after Clock Tower - by ZosKiaCvltvs1992

on 5.00m33-6 using 3.52 pops with game id SLPS-01222, i experienced random freezes while playing the "NEXT GAME" - by johnyboy727

Works flawless!Game-id SLPS-01222, firmware 5.00 M33-3, and pops 3.40. Got a complete game and well though a second - Arkuni // Important note: It works, just finished the game (POPS 3.40 on Firmware 5.50 GEN-B2), BUT it works only if Game-ID AND Save-ID is SLPS-01222! If you use PSX2PSP 1.4 to alter the Save-ID so you can have RE 2 and 3 (both need the Biohazard 2-ID to work) together on the same Memory Stick without one screwing up the other's Saves, RE 3 will be broken in the process and lock up at the church! - LiquidSnakE

5.00 M33-6: Black screen after intro. Happens if you use SLPS-02300 (japanese Game-ID of Biohazard 3: Last Escape) as well. Tried out some POPS, 3.40 worked good, but freezes after the hospital when you're entering the church with Carlos. - LiquidSnakE

5.00 M33-6: use id SLUS-00923 and Zinga's Simple Popstation GUI 3 beta,Once you encounter black screen after intro, press "Home" button then press again to return to game, Main menu screen will appear - jmtstan

5.00 M33-6 GAME-ID: SLUS-00923 [POPS 3.90] ... NO BLACK SCREEN ON BOOT!!. GAME STARTS PERFECTLY. EBOOT Compiled Using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 - Freezes up at the beginning text, after video sequences when she is saying "this is my last chance...blah blah". If you want to get this to work, use the technique described at the top of this row. - Anarchy4_20

3.40 pops on a 5.00 m33-6 psp is working great so far (half an hour of testing only) using SLPS 01223 - I used 01223 (the Claire disc ID) instead of 01222 so that my save files would come up seperate to those of resi 2 (I used the SLPS 01222 ID on resi 2) and so that the the savedata wouldn't use the default gameID name, which happens when multiple games share the same ID - DebugJunky

PSP3000 with 5.03 GEN-B via ChickHEN It seems to work with the Biohazard 2 SLPS-01222 ID and POPS 3.90, works fine so far(1-2hours aprox).-Chukymaster

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis SLES-02529 PAL-E
Freezes on violence warning screen on boot up. Tested on 3.71 M33-2 Use an .IMG file. Then run on 3.40, with popsloader. Tested by SephirothX

Resident Evil: Survivor SLUS-01087 NTSC-U
Works perfectly 3.40, 3.71 & 3.90. Tested by SephirothX
5.00 M33-3 Seems to work fine.
and also.....
Resident Evil 2 Beta 2
3.71:reported to work if you use the GameID SLPS-01510 and pops on 3.71 tested by me mrox2
if anybody want to convert an iso into eboot to be played on psp
or change an eboot name , game id , save id , etc...
you can get popstation here : ... p-v31.html

and pops loader that lets your psx game on your psp thinks its runing on onother
firmware version as you see up there some game work on older versions and like that....
anyway you can get it here: ... 50gen.html
tip:hold L+R+square while booting the psx game to make the menu appear