FS: Simona, Adeeos, Micah

FS: Simona, Adeeos, Micah

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Selling some new and used straps that I no longer want or won't use. I'm located in the USA and will ship usps priority. Prices include shipping. International buyers please add 10 dollars for first class shipping without tracking. Buyer assumes any and all customs risks. I send pictures of tracking (if applicable) and the receipt. If a Simona strap is listed it is new and a pouch will be included unless otherwise stated. Straps are new unless stated used. I'm always happy to send additional pictures. Prices are net to me via PP gift or add 4% more for the paypal fee. I also accept square cash. Please email me at chcoldiron@gmail.com

Used Simona Apnea w/Simona buckle. 24x22. 127 x 75. $110
Simona Midnight mare blue. 24x24. 140x80 $125
Simona Dark brown buffalo nubuck 24 x 24. 125x75 $55
Simona Borgia 24 x 24 130x85 $115
Used Kevin Rogers Strap 26x26. Sewn in buckle. 1340x85. $160
Simona Absinthe 24 x 24. 130x85. $110
Simona Submarina 22x22 130x85 $95

Simona Military brown ostrich 26mm 130 x 80. $130
Simona MC45. 24 x 24. 125 x 75. $105
Used OF strap (off old TC website – much like a Mario Paci) w/polished buckle. 24x24. 125x75. $50
Elba 24mm 130 x 85. $110
Used MP strap 24x24 w/sewn in buckle $85
Squalizano 26x26. 130x80. $125

Simona Sunrise gator 26 x26 130 x 80 $130
Micah Dirksen brand new strap. 140x80. Polished Sewn in buckle 26x26. $130
Simona Tattoo 26x26. 140x80. $190
Simona Borgia. 26 x 26. 130 x 85. $105
Simona Oceano. 24 x 24. 130 x80. $105

Simona Mosaic SoleMare with blue sides and blue stitching. 24x24. 130x80 $110
Simona Sunrise gator (stitching is a little off on the right hand side). Dark Green stitch. 2 loose keepers. 26x26. 150x90 $100 without buckle $160 with the buckle
Used strap made of Deer24 x 24. 125 x75 $45
Simona Kommando Verde militare Storico ecru stitch 26 x 24. 140x80 $130
Simona Marianne 24mm 130x80 $150