FS: PAM 581 Desk Clock Mint Tripe boxes, papers, all there.

FS: PAM 581 Desk Clock Mint Tripe boxes, papers, all there.

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April 13th, 2017, 3:41 am #1

This is the 2014 PAM 581 Desk Clock. For your convenience, I'm posting a screenshot of the OP website's description. P.5000 movement, manual wind, etc.

This clock stayed on my peaceful office desk for about 6 months and then back in the box. It is pretty near good as new. But I'm sure there's a swirl on the thin stainless strip somewhere. So I'll just call it mint or excellent. Ask me questions if you have concerns. Polishing cloth unused; books and papers pristine. All 3 boxes good as new.

The pictures just don't do this clock justice. It's truly beautiful. Note, though that it's basically a 65mm watch dial. So, it's not a huge piece. It will work great on a work desk or a home mantel or table or desk.

I paid full retail from a boutique. You can pick up this truly beautiful clock for $3999 FIRM including shipping to CONUS. If I know you (by P.com or in person), we can discuss international. However, otherwise, sales are limited to CONUS and wired funds only. I'm not haggling. I researched and it's well priced. I have it on the bay at the same starting price. If someone makes a bid the selling price may increase. So, if you want a 581 for less, this is your clock.

Anyway, please email gregesq at aol with questions. Except about lowering the price $3999 FIRM.

Thanks in advance.