Ralph Hamilton
Ralph Hamilton

November 23rd, 2011, 4:04 pm #1

Fred and Tom are out haveing dinner togethe,r and one or three beers, as friends oftimes do.

A very elagant and beautiful lady comes in, and sits dow at the table next to them. The waiter brings her a bowl of nuts, and an expensive mixed drink.

Suddenly she starts gasping for air, and going purple in the face.

Fred leaps up, rushes over to her table, sums up the situation in a flash,hauls her out of her chair, pulls down her pants, and gives her a big wet lick right up the back.

She gets such a surprise, that the nut flies out of her neck, and she resumes normal breathing.

Fred goes back to his table, and resumes his dinner. Tom says: "Geez Fred. I've heard of that there Hind-Lick manouevre, but I've never seen it performed before."


PS. Heimlich Manouevre (Search it if you need to know)