Ok - looks like got a green flag to stim but concerned


May 23rd, 2012, 8:20 pm #11

Plodding along. Have the three on the left (2 at 9mm and 1 at 5-6mm?) and lining 4mm on day 6 of my cycle (will be 4th day of stims today). Reminds me got to drink raspberry tea again today to keep the lining growing as it stalls sometimes, sigh. We are planning on using G-CSF this time again, if I get so lucky to do the transfer!! I'm ok with putting 3 back if we get so lucky but not sure what my RE thinks about only 3! He was talking about freezing and batching another cycle. Not so sure freezing is good for my fert. eggs.

Going to follow Dr. J's protocol from now on b/c sure he knows better than me at this point. I think the splitting the dose am and pm works better for me than one large dose. It's like the grow more smoothly. Hope he continues this approach.
well best of luck and keep us posted! n/t

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