XP: Time between trigger and retrieval

XP: Time between trigger and retrieval

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Hope you don't mind the cross posting between boards. I know there are quite a few Coo.per patients here and I'm not sure you check the >40 board.

Has anyone else been told to do a 33 hour retrieval?

Yesterday the nurse called and instructed me to do a 33 hour retrievel. Then she says, "have you been known to ovulate before retrieval" My response was, "no, I've never had that problem." She then said "we will stick with that"

I triggered last night to do a 33hr retrieval but after googling this morning, I think I should have given myself more time. From what I read, the last few hours of egg maturation is very important and an egg retrieval should be done between 34-36hours.

If anything I tend to have immature eggs. I'm just freaking out that I won't get as many mature eggs as I had hoped.

My follicles yesterday morning were 21,18,15 & 14. I did speak to the nurse today and she said that 33hours was fine but I would have felt much better hearing it from a Dr.