The Osirisians

The Osirisians

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The Osirisians

Home Planet: Tekenurhet

Language Spoken: Aregopolyphic (Known simply as 'Osiris Speak' to many around the Galaxy.)

System of Government: Republican Monarchy (A group of Senators representing the People, giving advice and local news to the Leader / Emperor / Pharaoh. They make decisions based upon the people's needs, but the Pharaoh himself holds more sway over the process than any one senate member.)

Religion: Osirisinism

Religious Deities

Aranuhket (The First One; The Great Creator; The Sun): Represented by a male Osirisian in the headdress of an Eagle, or Hawk, holding a large staff in either of his hands. Nearly always depicted alongside his husband, Menetnashte, or in some epic struggle against some form of ultimate evil. Many legends surround him, but few explain how he lived or how he achieved Etherialism.

Menetnashte (The Second One; The Lover of All; The Peacekeeper; The Moon): Effeminate Husband to Aranuhket; represented by a femm Osirisian wearing a long, flowing set of blue robes, almost always depicted as a prominent character alongside Aranuhket.

Lekernul (The Third One; The Destroyer; The Lord of War; The Southern Cross): Effeminate God of War, represented by a femm Osirisian in a suit of High Magi Armor, often depicted with an enormous Falchion across his back or in the middle of some epic struggle against his counterpart, Seretrion.

Arngahkhi (The Fourth One; Sire of the People; The Master of the Free; The Northern Star): The most widely worshipped God and Hero among the common people, depicted as an average masculine Osirisian, wearing a pair of common, unexpensive clothes and a pair of large metal gauntlets upon his hands. He is most often depicted as leading a small group of militiamen against a massive army and rising victorious, aluding back to the victory against the Terektarian Royal Army that made him such a reknown Hero among the Osirisian people.

Seretrion (The Last; The End of Everything; Bringer of Apocalypse; The Void): Effeminate God of Destruction, represented as a femm Osirisian with long and wild violet hair, the majorit left to flow save for a single, long braid slung over his right shoulder, having eyes with black whites and red irises. He is often depicted in his child form, sitting along in a vast void of empty blackness with shredded, bloodied wings. Other times, he is depicted standing amongst a field of bodies, blood falling from crimson clouds above, green lightning striking about him. He is the least-worshipped of the Primal Gods and the most feared, though small cults are dotted about Tekenurhet that are devoted to bringing him back to the Material Plane.

Social Ladder

Pharaoh (Leader ; Emperor)
High Priest
High Lord (General)
Soldier / Militiaman
Commoner (Farmer, Potter, Blacksmith, Dockworker, etc.)

Money System

Denari (100 British Pounds)
Turari (50 British Pounds)
Herari (20 British Pounds)
Lurari (10 British Pounds)
Purari (5 British Pounds)
Sarari (1 British Pound)

Osirisian Ari is a system of coins, each type different from another in what it is made of and how much it is worth. Denari is represented by a platinum coin with an emerald stud in the center; Turari is a golden coin with an amethyst stud in the center; Herari is a silver coin with a topaz stud in the center; Lurari is an electrum coin with a sapphire stud in the center; Purari is a bronze coin with an onyx stud in the center; Sarari is a copper coin with a hole in the center.

Racial Description: The Osirisians are a race cast in mystery, being those responsible for the technological advancement of the Egyptians. They live long lives and reach maturity quickly, taking a full ten years for their bodies to completely develop. From birth, their metabolisms are far more active than a human's, giving them a quick aging rate and enormous amounts of energy to waste.

Osirisians are mid-size bipeds, averaging a height of five feet, ten inches and a slim, athletic build. Hair colors range from blacks to light browns, rare cases of blondes popping up every now and then. Any blonde-haired Osirisian is part of the Pharaoh bloodline, and are thus taken directly to the Osirisian capital of Memphis upon birth to live the rest of their lives. Eye colors range from, again, blacks to light browns, rare cases of greens or blues being treated the same way as those with blonde hair. Any Osirisian with a combination of blond hair / green / blue eyes are treated as direct descendants of the Pharaoh bloodline, and are thus put ahead of other Nobility.

It is increidbly commong to see even the lowest socially ranking Osirisian with intricate designs upon their bodies. These designs form naturally over time and with age; the more complex, the older and more wise the person. Designs tend to start around the eyes in beautiful, makeup-looking patterns, gradually spanning out through the entire body.

Osirisian anatomy is closely linked to humans, save for a distinct difference in skin texture, ear, feet, and hand structure. They are digitigrade, having raised heels and wider, flattened cushions on their feet, having a total of three toes per foot that are elongated, smooth, and nailess. Musculature in their legs gives links to African Americans, seeing as they have an elongate tendon that gives them more jumping power. This also causes their waists to be shorter / smaller, hips higher up on their bodies, making their legs much longer than any human's.

Their hands are distinct in that they have three fingers and one thumb, giving them a total of one less than a human's hand. Certain Osirisians have five fingers, a trait gained when Osirisians and Humans crossbred during their time ruling over Egypt as the ancient deities.

Skin texture is different in that they tend to have small scales, often slowly transitioning from smooth-as-silk skin to thinly spread, snake-like scales upon their backs. These scales, although thin, are unnaturally sturdy and resilient to damage. Any attack from behind is discouraged, as they can most likely shrug it off and keep fighting.

Despite their wealth and extremely civilized behavior, the Osirisians are regarded as 'strange' by many races in the galaxy, mostly because of their embrace of Homosexuality, and the fact that their entire race consists of one gender. This has sparked many, many outbursts against them, particularly of mocking, calling them all 'Boy-Lovers', or 'The Faggot Empire'. Osirisians respond with swift, harsh beatings.

Osirisian Architecture

The Osirisians take pride in their incredible aptitude for masonry with any building material, able to construct enormous structures with high, sloping ceilings on a grand scale with very primitive tools. Your typical Osirisian Building looks somewhat like the picture below.

(I would like to note that Osirisian homes do generally lack any walls or rooves, allowing for wind to breeze through. When it rains, or when a sand storm comes through, there are large sections of canvas that can be unraveled and stuck together via a fabric similar to velcro to protect them from the elements. This also helps give privacy at night and keep the heat in.)

Homes are often lavishly decorated, even the lowliest of commoners having a hearth worthy of Human upper-class, and as such they take pride in their cleanliness.

Osirisian worship stems forth in to their large architecture, especially so concerning enormous temples, and even the capital city's Palace. The Temple of Yurahknak in Cairo is the mainstay of their devotion to pleasing their Gods.

(The black stick figure is roughly the size of an Osirisian, placed in the picture as a comparison between the size of the structure and the size of your typical organism.)

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