Light NSC-02B Infantry Armor

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Light NSC-02B Infantry Armor

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Light NSC-02B Infantry Armor

Name: Light NSC-02B Infantry Armor

Designation: NSC-02B

Manufacturer: Galactic Industries

Operator: Galactic Industry Buyers
Usage: Universal

Year Built: 2200

Classification: Light Infantry Armor

  • Light-weight Armor
  • Simple, cheap and easily maintained
  • More flexibility and speed
  • Armor Plating good against blunt objects such as fists and simple melee weapons
  • Inexpensive when compared to the more advanced versions
  • Low Armor
  • No environmental protection like other versions of NSC armor beyond a simple sealed max and a short air supply
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Designed in the middle of the year 2200 by Galactic Industries, the NSC-02B was designed and fielded at the same exact time as the NSC-02A. Totally the opposite of the A Version, the NSC-02B was designed to be a cheap but reliable substitute for many of the people in the galaxy who couldn’t afford advanced armor in large quantities. Namely kept in mind for the many colonial worlds throughout the galaxy, this armor would be a perfect way to allow them to afford protection for their police and militia forces that didn’t require advanced armor but some measure of protection.

Built with simple armor plating and a bulletproof vest, the B Version can resist simple small-arms fire in the chest and other vital areas but couldn’t stand up to anything from assault rifles and up. It also is very well-built to go against melee weapons, perfect for police forces to deal with rioting crowds or simple bar fights and avoid getting broken bones or stabbed easily. It also allows more maneuverability and speed due to it’s lack of weight and less plating to get in the way of limbs.

While good benefits for the groups on level with colonial police and militia forces, the B Version lacks anything like a environmental protection like the other two versions of the NSC Armor Series from both natural hazards such as fire, hail and such to the vacuum of space, with the most basic thing it has is around a hour’s worth of air and a sealed helmet against poisonous gases. Overall, the B Version was met with much approval from the target groups GI had in mind and production began in September with several shipments heading out to different colonial groups/governments/organizations for their usage, as well as several smaller mercenary bands and neighborhood watches on Omega who can’t afford better.
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Needs at least two more weaknesses. Balance is the key thing to strive for.
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