Galactic Shipping and Securities

Galactic Shipping and Securities

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Grade D – Corporation

Name: Galactic Shipping and Securities
Type: Shipping Company, Security Company
Primary Service: Intergalactic Shipping
Secondary Services: Shipping Security Services, Facility Security Services
Headquarters: Krondora
Founded: 2200 (current iteration)
Current CEO: Gideon Lorr
Ownership: Gideon Lorr 50% - Galactic Industries 25% - Private Investor 25%

Galactic Shipping and Securities, aka GSS, is an intergalactic shipping company, specializing in getting any amount of cargo to any place within an ambitious amount of time. How this claim is backed up is with the its renowned security of their entrusted goods. It has its own internal security force tasked the job of ensuring the safe delivery of each and every shipment. Most customers like the idea of their goods being shipped across the galaxy within a military-type convoy. Its freighters are always protected by military grade capital ships and well trained security personnel. Recent success against pirates attacking their convoys in the Terminus has not only put pirates on alert, but also given great publicity for their services. Although its tenure doing business as GSS not quite been a year, it has made over 1,000 large deliveries without a single incident of lost cargo.

Due to the extensive amount of training the GSS security personnel receive, they have also begun contracting out physical security for both facilities and third party shipping. Most notably, Galactic Industries and Sphinx Incorporated both contract GSS to provide physical security for their facilities. Recently, they have been negotiating with rival shipping companies in regards to having GSS provide security to their freighter fleets…

ExSolar Shipping has had a successful run at the shipping business for decades. As a human-owned company, they have done remarkably well providing shipping services to systems close to the Sol System, home system to their headquarters on Earth. As the years have passed and space has become more treacherous with the rise of powerful criminal organizations, they got away from expanding too far into the far systems. However, they did make an attempt recently to try their hand at intergalactic shipping one last time by forming a subsidiary called ExGalactic, hoping that the profits of such an endeavor would outweigh the risks. It became apparent quickly, however, that ExGalactic Shipping was unable to protect its shipments from the more aggressive and sophisticated criminals at large. In short order, they closed their doors, unable to afford the sophisticated security necessary for such an undertaking.

But one man’s folly is another man’s fortune. Gideon Lorr, Head of Galactic Industries security, saw a business opportunity. With the financial backing of Galactic Industries, a private investor, and his own finances, Gideon Lorr bought up a slew of discontinued products from GI (mostly unused inventory that was intended for the now defunct Confederation) and bought the rights to ExGalactic Shipping, which quickly became Galactic Shipping and Securities (GSS). GSS took the knowledge, methodology, consulting, trade routes, previous customers and ships from ExGalactic Shipping. Rumors swirl that this move was almost done as a “gift” from GI CEO Nya'Re-ag vas Derano due to their close relationship…

In short order, GSS was up and running, making shipments within a couple of months. The difference was CEO Gideon Lorr’s expertise on security, so the shipments that went out were protected in unprecedented fashion. Military convoys had been less protected than the shipments that GSS were making across the galaxy. This business model seems to be working very well for them thus far.

Current Facilities
Krondora – Headquarters
Krondora – Shipyard (repair, refit, maintenance—not construction)
Illium – Distribution Center
Quodis Facility - Orbital Shipyard and Distribution Space Station

Current Assets
500 Freighter and Bulk Freighter Ships (most acquired in ExSolar Acquisition and GI donation)
1,200 Shuttles (most acquired in ExSolar Acquisition and GI donation)
100 Military-Grade Escort Capital Frigates (leased to by GI)
24 Military-Grade Escort Capital Cruisers (leased to by GI)

Gideon Lorr - CEO
Alcaeus Xarntha - Director of Security (GSS Security Forces on Unity Station)
500,000 Employees (Administrative, Sales, Handlers, Loaders, Warehousing, Distribution, Support)
200,000 Security Personnel (Pilots, Ship Crews, Security Personnel)

Galactic Industries - Partial owner, Ally and Client (Known to public)
Sphinx Inc - Ally and Client (Known to public)
Amun Starship Technologies - Client (Known to public)
Maelstrom Inc. - Co-operation contract (Unknown to public)

(A big pile of thanks to Mithias for being such a big help in creating this organization page! ^_^)
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Don't see anything hugely wrong with this. Approved.

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Most excellent. I approve immensely of said organization. :D
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This company got supported from Sphinxs Inc :)
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