First Black Candidate in Macedonia Polls

First Black Candidate in Macedonia Polls


May 10th, 2008, 7:10 am #1

First Black Candidate in Macedonia Polls
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Simon Polikarp09 May 2008 Skopje _ Simon Polikarp, a Macedonian citizen of Nigerian origin, will stand for parliament in the June 1 snap election. He will be the first black parliamentary candidate in Macedonian history.

Polikarp, popularly known as Jimmy, leads the candidate's list of a small right-of-centre party, TMRO. He is standing in an electoral district in Eastern Macedonia.

Polikarp has lived for many years in the eastern Macedonian town of Stip. Married with children, he speaks fluent Macedonian.

He became well-known after appearing in a TV advertisement for a Macedonian mineral water. He has also appeared on the popular K-15 TV comedy show.