Lets Rocket Martial Law To The Google 100

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Lets Rocket Martial Law To The Google 100

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21 Oct 2006, 02:56 #1

Lets Rocket Martial Law To the Google 100
Body: Goto www.netscape.com and sign up for an account. (Top right).Then go here and VOTE!

http://politics.netscape.com/story/2006 ... ice-state/

There traffic rank is 577...Lets get this to the homepage where 20k People will click it!!

More votes=Higher up on the Homepage...


goto http://www.digg.com There traffic rank is a whopping 72! As much traffic as CNN..

Sign up at www.digg.com and Vote on this story http://digg.com/videos_educational/Mart ... lice_State

The more votes, It will get to the Home Page were Upto 100,000 People will click it, Rocketing it to #1 on Google By Sunday..

Send this Message to everybody you know and tell the to partipate.

P.S. No cheating!! Dont sign up twice under the Same IP!! I already got caught doing that...Dont do it!