Hugo Chavez Said: It Was A Job!

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Hugo Chavez Said: It Was A Job!

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U.S. Govt Involved in Sept 11 Attacks, Hugo Chavez Says
The U.S. government had been involved in Sept 11 attacks, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez told the national TV Wednesday.
The story whereby exactly imperial authorities of the U.S. had masterminded and executed those dreadful actions of terror against the own nation is gaining momentum, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said, spotting the evident traces of special services in events of September 11.

The towers collapsed in less than 9 seconds, so the explosion story couldn’t be written off. The gaps are still numerous in investigation, Chavez said, reasoning the buildings usually fall down this way once they are blown up from inside.

Chavez also doubted that the Boeing could have fallen on Pentagon in a few minutes after the New York tragedy. His argument was the total absence of fragments, even of engines that were made of titanium and usually survive air crashes.

Chavez explained the United States needed the tragedy to justify the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and the threat to all of us, including Venezuela, which was the backlash of September 11.

Venezuela was one of the first states to oppose barbarian bombing of Afghanistan, according to Chavez. At that time, Venezuela made clear the terror couldn’t be defeated by terror, which gave rise to the most ferocious imperial aggression against it.

The ardent enemy of the U.S. foreign policy, Hugo Chavez blames on the United States the attempted coup d’etat of April 2002. But the political rhetoric doesn’t prevent Washington from being one of the key economic partners of Venezuela and the biggest buyer of its crude, which production has neared 3 million bbl a day in that state of Latin America.