Wtc & Ground Zero Photos

Wtc & Ground Zero Photos

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These posts and pictures are copied over from the old forum. Many thanks to ScaffoldRider Louie!

Posted: Mar 1 2006, 12:22 AM
I was asked to post some of my photos that show more than the destruction of the WTC Towers and could I show a more "Human" aspect. These are just a few that touched me in a unique way. These photos have a power all their own and hold a meaning sometimes different than they illustrate. It's my hope they make you "feel", it's doesn't matter what it is, as long as you feel something!

Written in the soot and ash on the walls in the lobby of the Hilton Millennium Hotel were messages to God, the victims, and even the mass murderers who committed these crimes! If only the poets of tragedy only knew what we know today!

105th SFS

I wonder what the 105th SFS would write on the ash covered wall if they knew what we know today! I'm positive God's name wouldn't be in the same sentence with President Bush! Do you think the words, Blood and Bush would be more fitting?
I can almost see it in mind, "Tears of God Couldn't Wash tthe Blood From Bush's Hands Let Revenge Be Ours!"


The Millennium Hotel Lobby - 9/21/01

The Millennium Hotel Resturant. Imagine being in this world famous hotel that morning and having breakfast!

A piano in the Millennium Hotel Lobby, how many thousands of beautiful moments of pleassure this piano probably gave. There were no "sweet notes" that morning!

Proud to say I helped hang that flag! 1 Liberty Plaza

"FIRST DUE AT THE BIG ONE" This firehouse is directly across the street from the WTC!
They gave all they had and God knows so much more!

If I wasn't there, I wouldn't believe this picture was real! It goes way beyond destruction of steel and concrete!

No airplane crash, no serious damage from WTC 1 or 2 collapse, no jet fuel and very limited pockets of small fires. What took down WTC 7? Controlled Demolition, we don't need a rocket scientist, the pictures tell it all!

This was one of the photos that touched me the most. Out of the hundreds of photos I took at Ground Zero, this is the only one I titled. It's called, "Partners in Reflection."
There's more to this picture then it shows. This picture was taken while standing in the street, Liberty Street and Church Street. The street was packed with people everywhere as I notice these two sitting all by themselves, as if everyone knew they needed their space. Any other time there be a hundred or more people standing in this area.
As partners, not dog and handler, it goes way beyond that with these two. The "four legged" partner knows the pain and heartache of the other and just rest his chin on the others' lap. The other filled with emotion can't seem to take his gas mask off, the mask can't hide the tears as these two Partners know they couldn't find anyone alive that day or any day after at Ground Zero. All of us in the street who looked upon these two brave Partners, felt their pain and also wiped away a tear becasue of it!
This photo is premenantly keep at the Main Branch of the New York City Public Library in the September 11, Photo Project Collection. The September 11, Photo Project toured the United States and was seen by millions.

I will continue to post Ground Zero photos here for all of you that have shown such a great interest in my photos. Thanks for all your PM's guys!

These are photos of the Hilton Millennium Hotel pool, gym, and newspaper stand in the lobby. It's was errie seeing the pool with the thin film of soot and ash floating on the water.

ICE420 @ Mar 2 2006, 07:53 AM wrote:Wow, that pic with the dog and his handler , or as you quite rightly put it partner is a very very special moment captured on film, very moving, I have worked with dog´s and trained dog´s and yes they feel our pain , sense our emotions and would go as far to say empathize with us, Great great pic´s. Cheers.

Thanks ICE420, that photo "Partners in Reflection" was probably the most liked out of the hundreds I took. I have more pictures of the four legged unsong "HEROS" from Ground Zero and will post them just for you!

Here's other photos for now that I pulled out last night and didn't get a chance to post.

ICE420 @ Mar 2 2006, 07:53 AM wrote:Wow, that pic with the dog and his handler , or as you quite rightly put it partner is a very very special moment captured on film, very moving, I have worked with dog´s and trained dog´s and yes they feel our pain , sense our emotions and would go as far to say empathize with us, Great great pic´s. Cheers.

Hi ICE420,
Having worked and trained dog's you know, it's unconditional love! I found a few photos for you, there not like that of "Partners in Reflection", but they "say' something!
Hope you enjoy!


Find two more photos figured I'd post them. The first photo with the dog laying in the back of the cart was an interesting one. When I saw the dog an hour later it was out cold sleeping. I remember thinking this poor dog must be exhausted. Now look at the poster to the left, it shows what the "Black Boxes" looked like. The official report said they were never recovered the 4 flight recorders from Flight 11 and 175, that's a lie. Three of the four were recovered!

Sorry this was reposted here becasue of the pictures!

Great photos, thanks! You talk about some of your personal "artifacts" from Ground Zero and mentioned possibly one day burning them at some ceremony. Have you ever considered donating them to one of the many 911 memorials or museums. I received and emails about a year after 911, from a great guy Rick Law. He's the founder of the Los Angeles 911 Memorial, besides being a world famous illustrator for Walt Disney Company. I have personally, because of his emails and kindness, have donated many Ground Zero artifacts to the Memorial. It would be a wonderful thing to have maybe some of your personal Ground Zero artifacts to be displayed and preserved for millions to see for generations to come.

Please let me tell you just one very special story about a little girls letter I received at Ground Zero and how Rick Law played a special part of the story.

I was at Ground Zero one morning taking a break. A few of the guys and myself went to the McDonald's stand they had set up right off Church Street. (You probably may have picked up something yourself there, we were there at the same time, I was there a few weeks starting on 9/18/2001.)
Well one of the volunteer's handed me a bag and coffee and there was some tables on the other side of the street, so we all sat there to relax and have our breakfast. When I opened the McDonald's bag I saw a piece of paper in it. When I pulled it out, I was shocked to see it was a letter with a crayoned picture of the American Flag.

It was from a little 2nd grader from a small town in Connecticut, her name was Gabrielle. All the kids in her school made cards for everybody at Ground Zero and McDonald's was nice enough to put the cards in some of the bags of food they handed out at Ground Zero. Well I was one of the lucky one's who got a card.
I passed the card around to some of the guys and even a few firefighters at the table next to us checked it out. It was a heart felt letter and we all love her "God Bless America" and crayoned American flag. I put the card away and that night when
I got home showed my girlfriend. She was touched and we decided we would write a letter back to Gabrielle. I only knew the school the letter was from and Gabrielle's full name, so I was concerned about if it was proper to just write directly to the her. So we wrote a letter to the principle of the school explaining the story and included a letter for Gabrielle and her parents. I included a picture of myself standing on the top of the parapet wall 56 stories high where there was an a American Flag flying. I figured that would be the best picture, I didn't want her to see any part of the WTC destruction. We mailed the letter off and we felt good doing so!
Some time had passed and one day my girlfriend said we got a letter back from Gabrielle's parents. The letter was so beautiful my girl couldn't stop crying as I read it. The letter told how the principle of the school called them and they when to the school to get the our letter. The story got out and the whole school and town came to a town meeting where Gabrielle read my letter. her parents told me there wasn't a dry eye in the place and how proud they were on their daughter. They thanked me from the bottom of their hearts! It was so ironic, because I was the one who felt I owed them the thanks!
Well when I hear from Rick Law, at the Memorial and after many emails and us becoming friends I decided Gabrielle's letter had a place in history and I donated to the Memorial. It doesn't end there!
Rick wrote a beautiful letter to Gabrielle and her parents telling them who he was and that Gabrielle's letter would become the main display in the Memorial for the Responses From Around World. He also sent Gabrielle one of those bracelets with one of the victim's of 911 name engraved in it and a some other things.
One day this little girl and her family will go to Los Angeles and see what her simple act of kindness has now effected more than just some construction worker at Ground Zero, but has and will touch millions and millions of others for generations to come!

So Rocdad, if my little story touched your heart in anyway, I hope maybe you'll reconsider a memorial or museum even if it's one small WTC artifact. It may not
seem that important to you now, but trust me it will mean more to you then you can never image once you do it! I will never forget Gabrielle, just like the events of 911. One act of kindness can sometimes help us remember the true power of goodness in the face of pure evil! If you wish Rick's email let me know! Plus even if you would rather the Smithsonian, Rick know the directors and can help if you wish to go in that direction! Hang in there guy! Louie


These are some pictures from the Los Angeles 911 Memorial of some of my WTC artifacts I donated to them. I donated many other things also, but the hard hat in the picture above was donated my someone else. That's my respirator though from Ground Zero. A Army nurse yelled at me for not having one on and gave me it!

I called this "The Wall of Love and Memories" I'm the one in the last photo!

Here's a few photos from Ground Zero at Night. Emotions were escalated once the sun went down at Ground Zero.

This picture below was taken as I was going home after a long day. I was on the back on a truck that was taking a few of us off the site. Suddenly the truck came to a stop at the corner of Church Street and that silence we all had come to know was with all of us once again. This silence mean someone was recovered in the "pit". The word spread quickly that a firefighters' remains had been found and was being carried out with a flag draped over the body. The silence was errie and you could hear your heart pounding. They came out of the pit, right in front of the truck and it was so emotional the way this hero was honored and respected by thousands at the site as they all stopped everything they were doing to take in that errie silence in reflection.

These are a repost from another topic. Trying to keep all photos in this main topic for WTC Photos. This was requested by a few members, hope everyone else understands!

Here's a few more of my Ground Zero photos, thanks for all the interest in the photos.
Will continue to post a few everyday, it's just takes a while to do, so it's slow going.
Any questions about any photo just ask!

Hi Tea and Everyone,

Tea, here's the photos of the tiny toy rubber bus from the above story thread.
The last picture is of me at the closing night of the September 11, Photo Project gallery in Soho. The collection was going on tour of the United States and all the contributors and press was invited for the closing night. We took a group picture for the book September 11, Photo Project. I'm standing in front of 22 of my photos and I'm holding the toy bus in my hand!

Helped put that beautiful flag up!

I usually don't work, so don't tell anyone that's me!!!

Any other time, all eyes would have been on the pretty girl!
I just looked so I could take the photo, LOL!

Look at the upper left side of the phot below, you can see Vessey Strret, most if not all the cars from the morning of 911 seem to have been taken away.

In this picture below there might have been some cars still under the debris, but I don't remember or see any cars being dug out, there had to be but I didn't see when they did.

As for the EMS woman, I read her official debriefing which she gave the week after 911, that was a better account of what happened, it was still fresh in her mind. The interveiw acticle was years later and I think to much time passed to get a really accurate detailed report. I thought her first account was much more detailed and powerful. IMO

This photo was taken at 1 Liberty Plaza, I was tolding on very tight, it's a long way down 56 stories high. For those that read the story posted in an earlier topic about Gabrielle this is one of the pictures I sent her with my letter thanking her for her kindness and thoughtfulness.

these photos below were taken some months later 911. I returned to 2 Chase Plaza were I was working on the morning of 911 and took some new photos and how Ground Zero had changed from that terrible morning.

This is One and Two Chase Plaza, on the building of 911 I was working on the 22nd floor setback roof of 2 Chase (the brick building on the right).

This is a photo of the lobby of One Chase Plaza with the American Flag>

A beautiful little church on Broadway, many times I found myself sitting there after a long hard day at Ground Zero. I'm not a relgious man, but there were times I had to find a place to just mediate. I have returned there a few times throughout the last 4 years. One day while at Ground Zero a few of the guys and myself went up to the church, they were serving food for all the rescue people at Ground Zero. After eating we sat in the back of the church for a few minutes just resting, you could always find firemen and others laying on the benchs trying to get one or two hours sleep.
Well the priest came over to us and sat with us awhile talking. He was an unbelieveable man! It was funny, at one point he asked me what size shoe I wore and the same with the rest of the guys. We all told him and he got up and went in the back of the church and then returned with shoe boxes. Timberland Boots had donated thousands of boots and the Father was giving them out to all the construction workers. I still to this day have those boots and everytime I put them on I remember that great man for his kindness and understanding. He was more than just a priest, he was truly a man of God, because he didn't care who you were or what you believed in, he always found time to listen and offer a gentle word. He's probably the only man I ever thought of as a real man of God! Where ever you are today Father, I know God is truly with you. Thanks for everything!

There was another church right there on Broadway, one block from Ground Zero.
You are looking up Wall Strret toward Broadway. Amazing very little damage to these beautiful churchs.

Returning sometime later and looking through the fence at Ground Zero. The debris is gone, but you can still not clear away the pain, it will be there till I die.

A shot of Ground Zero from the top of One Chase Plaza sometime later!

The exact spot I stood the morning of 911 at 2 Chase Plaza and watched the WTC burning with a giant hole in it!

The Statute of Liberty from the top of One Chase Plaza! It's a very beautiful veiw looking at it from almost 64 stories high.


I had to return to 2 Chase Plaza and stand on the top of the building, just to reflect what had happened months before and what I felt that terrible morning of 911. this day I took the picture was errie, because it was so beautiful, the same as it was that morning right before America would be changed forever.

This is the veiw I looked at almos everyday before 911 as I worked at 2 Chase Plaza. Now it just didn't seem the same anymore!

Really hope everyone finds something in my photos that remind them, it's our country and we should never forget. Those that gave "ALL" that morning, deserve the TRUTH! Our government disrespected all of us by blatantly covering up what really happened that morning of

Governor Pataki and Mayor Giuliani giving a press conference at Ground Zero. the governor is in the blue shirt.

This video case is from the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council Authority Archives at the World Trade Center. This "emtpy" video case was recovered on a roof directly across from the World Trade Center in the aftermath of 911. The "Title Sheet" which is scotch-taped to it makes it a very unique historical artifact. The date on the title sheet is September 7th, 1972. The video-tape from the case was never recovered. The video case still has some of the soot and ash particles caked to it and stuck to the scotch tape. Out of the tens of thousands of computer key boards not one was recovered in the rumble, yet this video case survived almost untouched. It's thought the video case was ejected out of the WTC probably on impact from the airplane crash.

This is a strip of microfilm which was recovered in the aftermath of 911. The microfilm contains blueprints of a few different projects. All that remains of the entire reel is 72 frames. It was in the Archives of the New York and New Jersey Port Authority. the microfiln is damaged a little being torn and ripped in a few frames and one end is burnt and singed. A few frames of the microfilm were photographed by a photo lab, in the fourth picture you can see in the right bottom corner that it's the Generator Fuel Room specifications. Truly a historical artifact in light that Port Authority archive was almost completely destroyed.

"No one said the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe."
-Mark Roberts, 11/5/2007

"I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C. that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink."
-Christie Todd Whitman, EPA Press Release, 9/18/2001