Tom Cruise "9/11 Lies"

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Tom Cruise "9/11 Lies"

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Not seen this mentioned yet sorry if it's old news.

Tom Cruise in 9/11 'lies' web rant
By Fiona Cummins 19/01/2008

Tom Cruise sparked fresh doubts over his grip on reality yesterday after he claimed US officials had lied in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.
The Hollywood star has already been widely ridiculed after his nineminute rant about Scientology was leaked on the internet earlier this week.
Now a video promoting the bizarre cult shows Cruise, 45, let rip about the response to terrorism.
Over footage of New York devastation, Cruise's voice says: "The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) came out and said the air was clean.

"Of course as a Scientologist you go, 'That's a lie'. You just go, 'Liar'."
A narrator then brags how Cruise "personally saw to the establishment of a detox project".
The Cruise-funded scheme referred to has been widely criticised.
Senior New York medical officer Dr Kerry Kelly said: "It's hard to have faith in it. You just stay there until you feel fine."

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