Russian "9-11" And Ties To The American 9-11

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Russian "9-11" And Ties To The American 9-11

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Has the Russian 9/11 ever been discussed on here? To answer the question "Would a major (more or less) democratic capitalist country involve dozens if not hundreds of memebers of its own security forces in a deliberate attack on its own innocent citizens?", the answer is "Yes".

After the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings, which killed hundreds of innocent Russian citizens, and which were blamed on Muslim Chechen terrorists and used to justify an invasion of Chechenya and helped get Putin elected with more dictatorial powers, local police in Moscow went on the alert. They caught, red handed, several people in the act of planting bags marked "sugar" in the basement of an apartment building. The bags tested positive several times and in several ways for explosives. The apartment was evacuated in panic, chaos, and fear.

When caught the people produced FSB (the new KGB) badges. Local police checked with FSB who confirmed that they were agents. FSB then put out a press release saying, in essence, "oh, this was just an exercise, a training exercise." Many did not believe this...the local police said "if this was just an exercise why weren't we told...we almost shot and killed these guys!" People asked why would they put hundreds of pounds of real explosives in the basement of a civilian apartment were it could go off killing hundreds more people? Then FSB said 'oh they were not real explosives, the dogs, and detection instruments, and the people who saw it and smelled it and tested it were wrong, faulty, incorrect, machines were broken, gave false readings'.

The Russian government clamped down on reporting of this - people who challenged the official story were ridiculed, attacked, arrested, taken off the air, had press licenses revoked, etc. Two memebers of the Russian Parliament who kept speaking out and asking questions died - one was shot and one poisoned. A lawyer who sued to get the truth was arrested on false charges and sent to 4 years in prison.

The Russian ex-FSB agent Litivenko wrote about this incident, and FSB involvement in heroin trafficking, murder of dissidents, etc., in his book (rather awkwardly translated into English as) "Blowing Up Russia". He could not get a major Western publisher. But apparently Mr. Putin and the FSB did not dig what this man had to say, and the UK now says Russian agents poisoned him with radioactivity, and Mr. Litivenko died. His death got a lot of coverage, his evidence of Putin and FSB killing dissidents and reporters some, but his main thesis about a government sponsored false flag terror op that killed hundreds of innocent citizens very little.

1. I am agnostic to doubtful on the issue of bombs in the WTC. Whoever you posit as being involved in 9/11 - be it Al Queada (ALQ), Bush-Cheney, CIA - all the suspected objectives of these groups (bloody attack against USA or excuse for war) are met by the planes hitting the building. I have never heard a good theory from anyone as to what is gained by planting the explosives. To me, the risk seems incredible and the gain minimal. And I have never heard a good account of when and how this was done. I worked in a law firm in a big office tower, and there were nights we were there til midnight, and there were always people there - night cleaning crew, security, office people - the whole planting bombs scenario, I won't say it is flat out impossible, but it seems higly unlikely. On the other hand, some of the eyewitness and earwitness reports from people are interesting. And the PDB of 8/6/01 did mention terrorists putting bombs in buildings. And a Muslim man was arrested for having a fake WTC access card as a plumber.

2.What happened at the Pentagon (plane, missile or ?) and was Flight 93 shot down are seperate issues. This seems to be a case of let NY get hit, and protect DC. My other areas of research on 9/11 are: What is the 20 year history of the US and Al-Queda (ALQ) relationship? Have we been at various times, friends, foes, allies, enemies? Do the US and ALQ have or have had common enemies that enabled us to work together, wittingly or unwittingly, on certain things? There was a lot of intel about an attack coming - why did we not go public with warnings and arrests and alerts to law enforcement prior to 9/11? This is what we did with the west coast year 2000 threat, which resulted in an alert US Customs officer catching the bad guy at the US-Canadian border.

3. So to me the Russian 9/11 is interesting if only to show that Yes, a basically modern democratic capitalist country can have factions (Putin, FSB, and the heroin network) that would commit an atrocity against their own people for political reasons.

4. The agents were caught because the first bombing happened, then local police went into security alert, then the FSB agents attempted to plant bombs in a different apartment. Lesson to be learned: If you are going to do a false flag op like this, with multiple targets, do it all in one day.

5. There is an article by Prof. Peter Dale Scott that explores a Russian company (Far West, Ltd.) involved in transport, shipping, and private military and security forces which is linked by fairly strong evidence both to the Russian 9/11 and the protected outgoing heroin traffic from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan to the Balkans to Europe, and the incoming (for Russian users) cocaine traffic from Columbia to Russia. As well as the traffic in arms, oil, and mercenaries. The article is 48 pages and well documented and I can not convey everything it and related sources say here.

This company is partially owned (minority share) by, and has as its partners in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Georgia and Columbia, Halliburton KBR. What does KBR do in these areas? It is a little foggy, but it seems they provide all types of support services, like trucks, truck drivers, building roads, building and running warehouses, providing food and clothing. Does this mean that KBR is involved in drug smuggling? That is an interesting question. The smugglers are the Russian Mafia and its many front companies. But Far West, Ltd. apparently provides armed security for shipments that it does not ask of what, and KBR builds the roads and supplies the trucks and drivers. Do shipments of Columbian coffee and Afghan rugs really need dozens of former Soviet Special Forces men armed with automatic weapons? What do YOU think is in these shipments?

The worldwide drug business is estimated to be $500 Billion a year. It is estimated that at least 50% of the Afghan economy is Opium-Heroin related. If I build a road that I know, or highly suspect, will be used by drug smugglers, does that make me morally complicit in the drug traffic? I would say probably yes. Legally complicit? I would say probably not. If I supply trucks, ships, and armed guards for outgoing cargo of an unknown type, in a lawless war torn country with essentially no police/customs, and I know that 50% of the country's exports are drugs, I would have to be willfully blind not to know that I am assiting drug smugglers. Many of the most respected banks in the world have been caught laundering money from the international drug and srms traffic, money which is linked to terrorist networks and covert intelligence operations. VP Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby was, during the Clinton era, the lawyer for one of these money launderers, Marc Rich.

6. In the 1990's both the Taliban and ALQ were involved in the drug business. But when more Afghans started using drugs, the Taliban ceased their own involvement and went on a purge, burning down the poppy fields, executing dealers and smugglers, and chopping off the hands of growers. They were not real sticklers for details like guilt/innocence, trials, lawyers, etc.

By 2001, they had virtually eliminated the mass organized drug traffic in the areas they controlled - down to 70 tons a year. Some northern Alliance factions still did it in areas they militarily controlled, and , very important, the ALQ still did it to raise money for its operations. Today, the Aghan opium business is at 9,000 tons- a much higher level than compared to pre 9/11! When those planes hit those buildings, the whole corrupt network of Far West, Ltd, the Russian Mafia, the corrupt FSB, and AL - QUEDA ITSELF no doubt had a big smile on their faces because they knew that the US was going to eliminate the entitiy that had been destroying their billion dollar drug business.

Why did Bin Laden have 19 men give up their lives in a blow against the US? An action he KNEW would result in the elimination of the Taliban? For a lot of reasons, but one may have been because they (ALQ) did not like the restrictions the Taliban tried to put on their activities and the Taliban taking away the main source of funding (the drug trade) for ALQ and allies like the Kosovo Liberation Army.

7. I also find interesting the new Peter Lance book "Triple Cross". The man who helped plan the first WTC attack (which killed 6 people), who gave the photos of the African embassies to ALQ and who trained the 9/11 hijackers was an American Intel agent named Ali Mohamed.

He was either a triple agent - pretending to be loyal to us but really working for them (which I doubt) or a double agent pretending to be one of them while reporting to us. This man is held in some shadowy way - but it seems like a witness protection program and he has never been sentenced for his crimes of mass murder (if he was loyal to them) or told Congress what went wrong (or right?) if he was really loyal to us. Why? It seems we had an inside man in ALQ, but we did not listen to the warnings he gave us about 9-11.

The cite for the Scott article on Russian 9/11 and the Far West company is

For Ali Mohamed it is .

Also see the book "Blowing Up Russia" by Litivenko, "Triple Cross" by Peter Lance, and "9-11: Synthetic Terror" by Tarpley, and recent BBC, UK press and New Yorker magazine reports on the huge increases in the Afghan drug trade. Also recent articles (McClatchey Newspapers, Google, and ... caine.aspx) on two planes (formerly or currently) registered to the CIA, used for terrorist rendition flights, and now caught with TONS of cocaine.

Defenders of the 9-11 report argue that Zawahiri and Bin Laden deny getting money from the US during the 80's. Of course they would - it would not look good for their radical Muslim credentials to admit it. In fact Saudi Prince Bandar - Bush buddy - went on Larry King right after 9/11 and stated that the only time he met Osama Bin Laden was when Bin Laden thanked him for getting American money and arms to fight the Russians. Much of this money was funneled through Pakistani ISI, but everyone knew where it came from. And we (the US) gave Bin Laden and others Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which had a devasting effect on Russian aircraft.

What is even more interesting is that the alliance between the US and Bin Laden continued. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, Bin Laden told the Saudis that his forces would protect Saudi Arabia. The Saudis did not want these men on their soil, because after Kuwait was liberated and the Kingdom safe, they feared these men would resume their old claim that the Saudi monarchy was rich and decadent, too Westernized and not Islamic enough, and try an overthrow.

When the Saudis let American troops on their soil, this turned Bin laden against the US and was the main reason for his attacks against us. But strangely, even after Bin Laden attacked us and we him, there were truces and even alliances. During the Balkans crisis of the mid to late 90's, we were against the Serbs who were killing Muslims. We supported and armed the muslim KLA, previously listed by us as a terrorist group that supported itself by massive heroin and cocaine smuggling and sales. Bin Laden and Zawahiri were also supporting, advising and assisting with troops the KLA.

So we know at the very least there was a truce and even some assistance between Bin Laden and the US as we had a common enemy (Serbs, Bosnian Christains) and a common ally (the Muslim KLA). Nafeez Ahmed in his book "The War On Truth" gives evidence and testimony that there was a proposed $50 million aid package to Al Queda in exchange for helping us with the KLA and preventing them or any allied extremist Islamic groups from attacking our forces there. More evidnce for this is the fact that not a single US soldier died in combat there. My theory is that when we cut the money off, Al Queda became our "enemy" again (i.e., they wanted more money), starting with the foiled west coast millenium plot in late 1999-early 2000 (which Clinton stopped by going public with the intel, which enabled an alert US Customs officer to catch the bad guys at the border) and then the successful (but not very spectacular) bombing of the USS Cole in mid 2000.

What is interesting about the Far West company, the Russian FSB bombing the Moscow apartments, and the Russian-US-UK government tolerated drug traffic is that it reveals not just corrupt individuals (which always exist in every society), but patterns of systematic government corruption of whole institutions, and the ability to cover up these facts. See also the supressed testimony of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, spurned by the Kean-Hamilton farce, who states she heard wiretaps implicating allied countries (Turkey, Israel) and high US officials (like former House Speaker Denny Hastert and former Pentagon number 3 man Doug Feith, and many others) as being involved in payoffs and bribes dealing with money laundering, drug trafficking, espionage and arms sales. Some of which in turn connected to ALQ. She also translated wiretapped calls from April 2001 dealing with terrorist plans to crash airplanes into buildings. Yet nothing was done to stop the plan going into effect.

How did the Bush-Cheney FBI reward this American hero for coming forward with the truth? She was fired and told she would be criminally prosecuted and thrown in prison if she tells what she knows and publicly gives specific info on who knew what and when, and what officials are implicated in what criminal acts. See also former Republican Impeachment Chief Counsel David Schippers, who represents former FBI agents who say they had specific knowledge that could have prevented 9/11 but were blocked by higher-ups, with one saying this blockage was part of some unkown "higher agenda." See also the Pentagon Able Danger team, which identified Atta in the year 2000, and the FBI Phoenix memo case. All these people with knowledge of the impending 9-11 attack, yet they are blocked from taking action. Why?

This company Far West, Russian mafia linked and composed of former KGB/FSB/GRU men, which was probably involved in the Russian 9/11 and is for sure involved in supporting and assisting the trafficking of drugs and arms, is partnered with Halliburton KBR for shipping-transport-security in the worlds leading cocaine producing country, Columbia, and the worlds largest heroin producing country, Afgahnistan. Strange isn't it?

This Far West company is partnered in Iraq with KBR and another American company called Diligence LLC, run by former CIA and FBI men, and another American company called New Bridge, which as of 2003 has Joe Allbaugh, the man who was running FEMA on 9/11, and sent FEMA to NYC to set up a Field HQ on 9/10, as part of a "biowar exercise." Guess who else is involved with these companies, writing letters on their behalf to get them US contracts? The President's brother Neil Bush. The same Neil Bush implicated in the 80's savings and loan scandals of losing (or allowing to be stolen through bad unsecured loans to cronies and friends) over $100 million.

What does this have to do with our 9-11? I don't know. Maybe nothing. But it is strange that our 9-11 should involve Cheney, in charge of all the many military and civilian "exercises" on 9/11, formerly of KBR (associated with Far West) and FEMA chief Allbaugh, now with New Bridge (associated with Far West), when Far West is accused, with evidence, of being involved in planning and implementing the Russian 9/11 with the cover of training "exercises". Far West also has a man with a known connection to Al Queda number two man Zawahiri, and men with ties to Pakistani ISI Intelligence, Saudi Arms dealers and Israeli mafia. These people represent varied political and religous beliefs - they couldn't agree on anything, they couldn't agree on lunch - but they all work together for the shared goal of MONEY. BILLIONS of dollars.

Did we know the date of the attack in advance? Or did we have a rat in the house (or rats), someone who told Atta that on 9/11/01 there would be 15 training exercises, some of which put many fighter jets in Alaska or Canada to fight a pretend Russian attack? Read Richard Clarkes "Against All Enemies" - on the morning of 9/11 he asks Gen. Richard Meyers what jets we have available to scramble to intercept hijacked planes. Meyer's replies "Not a pretty picture, Dick. We are in the middle of Vigilant Warrior..."

We know that on or around 8/22/01 day of the Atta made a phone call stating the day of the "Big Wedding" was a riddle, "What is two sticks, than a dash, than a cake with a stick coming down?" Answer: 11 - 9. The European way to say September 11th. And we have an intercept of a phone call from OBL to his mother on 9/9/01 where he says "something big was happening in two days" and then she wouldn't hear from him for a long time. They knew. Why did they let it happen?

Why did they let training exercise go forward that day that put fighter planes far away? Why were white electronic warfare command and control planes seen in Penn. and seen and photographed in NY and DC, but only the planes headed for DC were intercepted, while the NY bound planes were monitored but untouched?

So things do not seem to be so black/white, we are good - Bin Laden is the enemy. Over the past 30 years, and as late as 1999, Bin Laden has at times been an ally, a friend, a partner in crime, an enemy, a deadly foe, a paid asset and a scapegoat. By incompetence or design, he and Zawahiri escaped from Afghanistan. Rumors were of a deal to let them "escape with dignity" in exchange for no attacks on American soil. See Thompson's "Terror Timeline". By witting plan or lazy lack of care we have not captured them these last 6 years and do not appear to be actively searching for them now. Bush on Bin Laden : "I am really not that concerned about him...this is a man who has been marginalized." Really? What about justice for the 3,000 dead? What about making sure it doesn't happen again? There are many mysteries remaining from 9/11.


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Number 6 wrote:First off, I believe Muslim terrorists in Al Queda hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center.
Good reason not to waste time on the remainder of your post, isn't it? :D

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Well I think the 19 were dupes, put into action by agents provacteurs.

I think Bush, Cheney and a few select others are guilty of first degree murder.

If you take ten minutes and read the post you might learn some new information.

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