New Update Of Timelines

New Update Of Timelines

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Here the forum where you can access all the timelines: ... rum.php?23

And here as a starter the list of findings:

Summary of findings :

Here a list of the results of the research on the 19 alleged hijackers.
Please read the files on the alleged hijackers you’re interested in for further information.

Proof of an alleged hijacker having a double:
1. Mohamed Atta
2. Marwan Al Shehhi

Very strong indications of an alleged hijacker having a double:
1. Ziad Jarrah
2. Hani Hanjour

Strong indications of an alleged hijacker having a double:
1. Khalid Almihdhar
2. Salem Alhazmi
3. Nawaf Alhazmi

Considerable indications of an alleged hijacker having a double:
1. Ahmed Alghamdi
2. Hamza Alghamdi
3. Waleed Al Shehri

Strong indications of an identity of an alleged hijacker created AFTER 911:
1. Abdulaziz Al Omari

Very strong indications that somebody with the same name entered the country before the official entrance date:
1. Saeed Alghamdi
2. Ahmed Alnami
3. Ziad Jarrah
4. Majed Moqed
5. Salem Alhazmi
6. Hani Hanjour
7. Khalid Almihdhar
8. Nawaf Alhazmi
9. Ahmed Alghamdi
10. Hamza Alghamdi
11. Marwan Al Shehhi
12. Satam Al Suqami
13. Fayez Banihammad
14. Mohamed Atta (according to Able Danger)
15. Marwan Al Shehhi (according to Able Danger)
Comment: The case of alleged hijackers clearly being in the US before their official entrance date is by far more than only a proof of an inaccurate investigation. It is far more than that. The entrance date are documented by INS papers. Therefore we can conclude that either these documents have been faked by the INS then we need to wonder what could be so important to cover up? Or the INS documents are authentic than we can conclude that one person with the name of an alleged hijacker did indeed enter the country while another person with the same name of an alleged hijacker was already in the US. So, it would be another proof of having two different people using the very same identity.
Very interesting is the case of Able Danger: As Atta, Al Shehhi, Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi have been identified as a terrorist cell in January 2000 although Atta and Al Shehhi still were in Germany and Almhdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi only arrived mid-January in the US (but not in New York but in California) we can conclude that the persons being identified as possible terrorists can’t be the same that at the same time still lived in Germany or just arrived at the other coast of the US.

People still alive having the same name as alleged hijackers:
1. Saeed Alghamdi
2. Ahmed Alnami
3. Salem Alhazmi
4. Waleed Alshehri
5. Abdulaziz Alomari

People having the same name as the alleged hijacker possibly still alive:
1. Khalid Almihdhar
2. Mohand Alshehri
3. Marwan Al Shehhi
4. Wail Alshehri
Comments: Why did the FBI never investigate what the press at the beginning named “cases of stolen identity”? Has there ever been a crime where the investigators did neither bother to properly figure out the identity of the culprits nor to positively identify the dead alleged hijackers?

FBI photos certainly not showing the alleged hijackers:
1. Majed Moqed
2. Salem Alhazmi
3. Hamza Alghamdi
4. Waleed Al Shehri

FBI photos possibly not showing the alleged hijackers:
1. Khalid Almihdhar
Comment: Why doesn’t the FBI not change the photo? And what to make of eyewitness accounts who identified alleged hijackers on the basis of the FBI photo?

Alleged hijackers possessing documents they officially don’t have (special thanks to Kevin Fenton for his work on this topic):
1. Abdulaziz Alomari
2. Fayez Banihammad
3. Hani Hanjour
4. Mohamed Atta
5. Satam Al Suqami
6. Wail Al Shehri

People having the same name as alleged hijackers having attended military schools in the US:
1. Saeed Alghamdi
2. Ahmed Alnami
3. Ahmed Alghamdi
4. Abdulaziz Al Omari
5. Mohamed Atta
Comment: Since the Pentagon said that the people attending the military schools are “probably” not the same as the alleged hijackers the media completely dropped this question although no clear answer has ever been given.

Alleged hijackers having been under US-surveillance prior to September 11:
1. Mohamed Atta
2. Khalid Almihdhar
3. Nawaf Alhazmi
4. Satam Al Suqami
6. Ahmed Alghamdi
7. Salem Alhazmi

Alleged hijackers being at one point illegally in the US:
1. Ziad Jarrah (violated his immigration status as a tourist by going straight to a ful-time flight school when entering the US on June 27, 2000)
2. Hani Hanjour (since December 8, 2000) Hanjour didn’t attend the school he was admitted to. Therefore his student visa wasn’t valid.
3. Mohamed Atta (between December 2, 2000 – January 10, 2001). Atta even left the US without valid visa visa assuring that he can re-enter the country
4. Marwan Al-Shehhi (Mid-December 2000 – January 18, 2001). Al Shehhi even left the US without having a valid visa assuring that he can re-enter the country
5. Satam Al Suqami (since May 21, 2001)
6. Nawaf Alhazmi (since August 2001)
7. Khalid Almihdhar (since August 27, 2001)
Comment: Why didn’t the alleged hijackers bother at all about being legally in the US? Why did they even risk to leave the country without being sure to be able to return? And why were they always lucky doing so?

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