John "insane" Mccain: Iran War Possible Reality

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John "insane" Mccain: Iran War Possible Reality

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CNBC GOP Debate: McCain on war with Iran: “A Possibility that is maybe closer to reality than we are discussing tonight.”
By: John Amato @ 5:36 PM - PDT

On CNBC’s Republican debate, Matthews asked if Congress has to authorize a strategic attack on weaponry in Iran. John McCain agrees that Congress should approve, but tries to wake this crowd up a bit when he said.

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McCain: I would at minimum consult with the leaders of Congress because there may come a time where you need the approval of Congress and I believe that this is a possibility that is maybe closer to reality than we are discussing tonight.

Here it comes—Lieberman’s great hope. Call your representatives and wake them up as well. (Go to the Contact Congress box on the right side of the blog) And we all know that this will not be an attack on Iranian weaponry in its ideology. It’s another Neocon fetish fulfilled that will only bring more death and destruction… ... g-tonight/
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