Hello From Bonny Scotland

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Hello From Bonny Scotland

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Oct 6 2007, 12:43 AM #1

Hello to one and all :D You have a great forum here and i truly apprecciate it. I have learnt a lot from all your post's, and have finally got the courage to register and start posting :lol:

First up, i would like to say that i love how you guy's and gal's debate the issues that have been thrust upon all of us. I also like the user friendliness of these forums, what with being a noob and all :unsure:

Also,maybe, i should set out my stallin advance, and admit that i do not believe the official version of events, but a convincing arguement might persuade me otherwise :unsure:

Regardless of my own thought's,i wish you all the best and hope to continue reading your theories and evidence and maybe,just maybe, we shall all learn the truth.
God bless

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